Posted on 23rd July 2010 | in Community

…on pillow talk

Did you realise how many important issues get resolved in bed? The media have been bringing this to our attention by their intrusive peeping into bedrooms!

First on their list were David Cameron and Nick Clegg as bed-fellows, with whispered promises of cabinet positions and shared policies. We were treated to photos of the pair walking hand in hand in the garden of Eden, planning their life together.

When reporting the Israeli raid on the Aid ships bound for Gaza they queried the ‘innocence’ of the activists in this affair. They were quick to suggest that allying themselves with the Turkish Charity – IHH – put them in bed with a fiercely Islamic organisation ‘curious bed-fellows’ quoted the Times.

On a lighter note we are assured that Wayne Rooney goes to bed with his favourite pillow! He even takes it with him to Africa to ensure a good nights sleep – I wonder what he told the pillow about that slippery goal. Are you sure who or what you are in bed with?

Talking of cup finals did you know that if you doubt the possibility of England winning – if you actually believe that God has a hand in this, you have a genuine identifiable illness called ‘pathognomonic sympton’.