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Parking woes

Parking in Amble is enforced by Northumberland County Council

With the enforcement of parking restrictions on Queen Street uppermost in many people’s minds at the moment, it may come as a surprise that Northumberland County Council have agreed to remove the yellow lines on High Street alongside Zecca.

Amble Business Club are asking business owners for any information on how the new parking enforcements in the town are affecting business. They want to collect as much data as possible to take to the County Council in the hope that some of the markings, especially the loading bays in Queen Street can be re-examined.

Have the new parking enforcements affected you?
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  1. My comments and my thoughts on these ‘parking enforcement oficers’ are unprintable .

  2. Just came back from National Memorial Arboretum in Staffs , Was attending Northern Ireland Veterans Annual Memorial Service there, The NMA is run by the Royal British Legion, There car park they even charge military Veterans that have Blue Badge £3.00 to park

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