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Calendar competition

We are inviting entries for a photography competition and the winning images will be used in our very own Amble 2013 calendar.

We are looking for all sorts of interesting photos of Amble and surrounding areas.

Images should be submitted as a printed photo but to be included in the calendar they must eventually be supplied in landscape digital format at 300 dpi(mimimum).

Anyone can enter and photos will not neccessarily be judged on their technical merit.

Closing date for entries 31st August 2012
All proceeds from entries to RNLI

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  1. I would like to enter the competition but I am not sure how to upload my images and how many would i be allowed to enter for you to look at? thank you, Jan.

    • Hi Jan please send your entries to 42queentreet@gmailcom I don’t think they will mind how many you send… Within reason I suppose!

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