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Down memory lane: images of Amble

Here at The Ambler we have quite an archive of old photos of the town and surrounding area. We’ve put together a short slideshow here and if you like the images, let us know and we’ll do some more.

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  1. Do you have one of coal carriages hanging off the stithies, my grandfather drove the train?

  2. Please can you print as many as you can of the old Amble, late 1950’s to late 1960’s, and also pre- marina. Thank you.

  3. Good morning, I’m trying to find Harry McQuillen of High Street Amble, I used to hear from him until 2yrs ago, he is still listed in the phone book but doesn’t reply. He has vital information about our family tree but more importantly I would like to know how he is keeping.
    Also is there ainformation about shops in Amble I’m looking for a butchers called ?Rowleys, he died many years ago I hope
    there will be photo,s of the High Street that might jog my memory.
    I would appreciate any help or advice you can give me.
    Many thanks,
    Pat Ford

  4. Hi there iam trying find old photos of motor blke and side car racing on the sands at duridge bay in the late 50 or60 think i was only little put i can remember the races some time when the tide came some would go into the sea
    Many thanks

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