Amble seafishing course nets jobs

Posted on 31st July 2013 | in Community , News , Young People’s Activities

fishermen unloading catchA free three week course is on offer to people interested in the fishing industry. The first ‘Introduction to Commercial Fishing’ course was so successful, that 50% of its participants have found work.  Trainer Dennis Obsorne told The Ambler:

“There were 10 on the first course, nine males and one female, they all completed the three week course and achieved all their certificates. Five are now working in the fishing industry. Some already had casual work, but now have permanent. That’s not bad!

“Four of the course members have jobs here in Amble with the fishing boats, one has a job in Seahouses. ”

The course is run by Anglo Scottish Seafood and Seafish Training Ltd which is based  at Amble Marina. “We provide all training for deep sea fishing, skippers tickets, navigation, we do all the courses for the fishermen,” said  Dennis, who is Managing Director of the company.

“This three week course enabled them to get all their certificates. It gave them the opportunity to go to the fishermen and say ‘We’ve got all our tickets.’”

Other subjects were addressed on the course such as knots, splicing, navigation, stability, safety awareness, engineering and a number of other nautical subjects.

The second ‘Introduction to Commercial Fishing’ course lasts for three weeks and gives the participants all the certificates to go to sea (approximately £700 worth of certificates free on completion of the course).

The course is available to anyone between the age of 16 and 45 and will be held in Amble starting on 12 August 2013.

Contact Dennis Osborne on 01665 713823 or 07702042551

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