Homes for Northumberland take action against violent behaviour

Posted on 13th August 2013 | in Community , Northumberland County Council

Taking action against violent behaviour, the Homes for Northumberland Alnwick Housing Team has been successful in obtaining their first housing injunction to protect a victim of domestic violence.

The accused is allegedly responsible for several threats of violence and intimidation, as well as property damage, against a Homes for Northumberland tenant. To protect the victim and her immediate family, Homes for Northumberland applied for a housing injunction.

Rachel Kennedy, a Homes for Northumberland anti-social behaviour intervention officer, worked closely with the victim. She said: “As a company we pride ourselves on listening to our tenants, this instance was no different. The tenant displayed real bravery coming forward with this information and we will do all we can to protect her and provide a safe environment for her and her family.”

At a court hearing on 17th June, Homes for Northumberland was granted a housing injunction which will last two years, prohibiting the perpetrator from contacting the victim or her family and defining the parameters of an exclusion zone into which he cannot enter.

Colin Blackett, the area housing manager for Homes for Northumberland, who dealt with this case, said: “Our customer’s welfare is at the forefront of everything we do and we strive to provide them with strong and safe communities. “While this is a terrible circumstance, it is a great reflection of the service and support we aim to provide for all of our tenants.”

Any tenants facing similar difficulties are urged to contact the police or Homes for Northumberland on 01670 623502. All matters will remain confidential.