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Posted on 20th December 2013 | in Amble Town Council

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Great news – Amble Town Council has been successful in its bid for funds from Heritage Lottery towards a project to commemorate the centenary of WW1.
Working with community groups, schools and individuals, we hope to produce a booklet ‘In Memory of the Fallen’, an addition to the AmbleGPX trails and a short DVD. These will provide a social history of Amble and area just before, during and after the First World War and as much information as possible on the people behind the names on our War Memorials.
Did you have a relative who was in the forces at this time? Do you have family stories of life at that time? Are there any details of the effects on families who lost loved ones or whose lives were changed by the return of a loved one from the war? Did anyone tell you about the changes within communities? Do you have any photographs/ memorabilia?  The project background research will start soon but look out early in 2014 for community meetings being held to gather information from you. We will discuss ways of involving the whole community in the project. This will culminate in the production of the booklet, GPX Trail and DVD, after the Commemorative Service being held at Amble West Cemetery and the Memorial Gardens on Sat 2nd August 2014.


This year we have decided to look at various options for recreational facilities which might be implemented at the Paddling Pool area, as we are keen to see it kept for this purpose. We will be mindful of the amount of work involved in running anything and the cost of maintaining whatever is placed there. We hope that by late Spring we will have some definite ideas and be applying for grants/assistance to carry out the work. It may be that 2014 won’t see a change but we are determined that by then something positive will be taking place to make this an area of which we can be proud.


Bus Services
We have had a meeting with NCC and Arriva regarding services to the Eastern end of the town. At present, as you know, a trial run of a limited number of services to Links Estate is being conducted. Initial discussions suggest the service may not be commercially attractive enough to continue operating. Mindful that in the future there may be 48 houses built, with an access to Philip Drive, we have urged that the services be maintained and if possible, with 250 houses due to be built opposite the Industrial Estate, that they look at changing the route to cover a greater area in the future. It would be a tremendous help not only to these new residents but to all of our existing ones who rely on public service transport.
Unfortunately we have no real control over them but we have pointed out that we feel sure it will be financially better for the company to draw on this wider population base. However it seems it is unlikely that Arriva will change as they see this as a lengthening of the time already taken to complete a journey. Therefore we will need to start looking at more local based initiatives for future operations and the cost of these. In the meantime, please cut out the new timetable on pages17 and 18 ; you must use the services if you want there to be any chance of keeping them.
Parking and Vehicle Movement
Although work is not fully completed, Coquet Street Car Park is open again to the public. As the largest area nearest the town centre it is well used and needed to encourage people to shop in our town. We have some unique small businesses which we all need to support to keep our town flourishing. We expect the results of the Benchmarking Survey to be available in the Spring and the views expressed there should help us to see what needs to be done to encourage more people into the town. We all know the town lacks lots of central car parking. However this can be helped by better traffic management which encourages the flow of traffic within the town and the movement of vehicles to free street spaces on a regular basis. Along with NCC and other groups, we have been looking at traffic management for Amble and we urge you to get involved when these come to public consultation. Have a look and give your views both negative and positive so that we can move forward to get a better plan for everyone’s benefit.


The draft policy Northumberland Local Plan Core Strategy: Housing, Employment and Green Belt Preferred Options sets out options for growth in housing, and employment, to thus retain people of working age, so that industries and businesses can be maintained or increased. Even small rural areas need more homes to sustain the local services and businesses and keep their communities viable. It will form the guidance for decisions on planning applications for the next 20 years. While there is a great deal of information to digest, try to read it and comment as your views can help to shape what happens within our own area.


At this time of the year it is good to reflect back on what has been achieved in Amble. We have had a number of successful festivals, new restaurants and businesses have opened and plans have been laid for the future Harbour Village. We can look forward to more exciting times for Amble in 2014. However nothing could have been achieved without the fine work carried out by our volunteers, who day in and day out worked on committees and on projects around the town. My thanks to all those involved.
There are still those who have doubts about the future of our town; but rest assured we will work equally as hard in the future and with more help we will put our town on the map. Amble- a place which instead of just hearing of ‘nice fish & chips’- will be a place to visit with a lot to offer.
On behalf of all the Council, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Craig Weir, Chairman


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