Warkworth flood defences to start

Posted on 25th February 2014 | in Community , Heritage & Tourism

Flood defences will take place on The Butts

Flood defences will take place on The Butts

Flood defences at the Butts in Warkworth are due to begin in early March. Work is expected to take 16 weeks. Three trees are due to be felled before the main works begin.

The defence will take the form of a reinforced concrete wall, clad in natural stone to match the existing stone in the vicinity.  There are some other provisions, such as local ground raising, and rebuilding or re-pointing of existing walls to ensure the integrity of the new defence.

The wall will be approximately 200 metres in length and located within the grass verge alongside the riverside.  Permanent pedestrian access over the wall will be provided by a ramp and two secure flood gates will allow access through the wall for grass cutting and maintenance.

The defence, when complete, will provide protection against tidal and fluvial (river) flooding. The total value of the works is in the order of £390,000.

A spokesman for the Environment Agency told The Ambler: “Before we commence any works, we will be speaking to individual residents regarding any parts of the works which will impact on them directly.”