Amble, the friendliest port

Posted on 21st March 2014 | in Blogs , Community , Michael Lowery's Blog

I am now 26 and have been here nearly two years and still the town captivates me. The evocative smells that come from Jaspers café are still comforting.

This is especially the case on a cold winter day when I travel home via bus from the cold and lonely areas of Northumberland.

Listening to the boats gently bobbing on the sea still conjures up a feeling of serenity within me. The fresh sea air that I inhale alleviates any of my anxiety and refreshes me if I am feeling down.

We think of air, going hand in hand with wind. I have discovered there is a subtle difference. The air here draws me in and makes me feel wanted. Its nipping and eager feeling is even now intriguing.

I am still amused by the unusual characters I come across on my travels. Increasingly people come from afar to help in the areas where I need help. Moreover, I stumble upon those who reminisce about the good old days as the working man’s culture has left its legacy.

Michael Lowery