Warkworth WW1 centenary celebration

Posted on 01st August 2014 | in Amble & Warkworth British Legion

poppy2To mark the centenary of the start of WW1 a commemoration event will be held in

Warkworth War Memorial Hall on 9 August from 1pm – 5pm

Around 100 personal histories of men from Warkworth who took part in the war will be exhibited, some with photos. If a member of your family from the area played their part in the war please help us with background material such as photos and stories. Their records will be stored in the national database for future generations to see.

Activities will include:
•Warkworth Village Choir with songs from the WW1 era
•Northumbrian Piper, Beverley Palin
•Warkworth Drama group reciting poetry by WW1 poets
•Bookstall of WW1 history books
•Raffle, postcards, photos, artefacts on display
•Afternoon tea and scones (scone donations welcome)
A service and wreaths laying will take place at the Warkworth War
Memorial at noon. Poppy Posies will be laid on the graves of soldiers
in Warkworth cemetery.

At the end of the events the last post will sound, then there will be a screening of the film “Gallipoli” with a donation bar opening at 7pm.
Two prizes will be awarded at the Warkworth Show for a new flower class “Warkworth remembers its men who served in WW1”
Volunteers to help on the day will be most welcome.

Please tel. Jeff Watson on 07802385367 Chairman, Warkworth and Amble District Royal British Legion if you wish to help.