Trust Life: August – September 2014

Posted on 26th September 2014 | in Community

Welcome back Trust Life and a wonderful sunny summer in Amble. Tourists have once again found their way and are flocking to the town. Lots of businesses are telling us they are receiving many good comments about the friendliness and pleasure visitors are experiencing and that there is a definite buzz about the town.

It is good to think the changes that have been made over the years are at last changing perceptions: but something that hasn’t changed is the morale and friendliness of the community. That ultimately is what makes the town what it is.

Harbour Village

The Harbour Village work has been contracted and work has commenced, although there is still not a lot to see. Ground tests are being carried out by hand as some utility works and cables are not documented.

Not only that but the one remaining boat on the site is currently home to a family of swallows, so work is carrying on all around them until they literally fly the nest!

Having interviewed for the role of Harbour Village Co-ordinator we now have someone who will be taking up the post at the beginning of September. Sarah Dunn has a background in marketing and has already begun writing up a plan of action. She will be meeting with the business club and other organisations as well as those interested in the incubator pods on the site.

Contentious issues

Parking: a contentious issue and one that has never been easy to resolve. However following meetings and working with the business club, town council and Northumberland county council we hope to have a both short and long term plans in place soon.

Pride in Amble: congratulations to Pride in Amble for all their hard work around the town, which has been recognised in the LOVE Northumberland awards.

Persimmon: Well as everyone can see we are still waiting for a start on site. I can say once again that I hope this will happen soon, because there are other factors that are reliant upon the funding that a start will release: not least of all the welfare.

We have had many complaints about the state of the grass which we can well understand, but after seven years of covering ongoing costs for insurances, maintenance and utilities we really do now have to wait until Persimmon settle the S106 money with NCC.

While we understand why people complain about the grass being too long, one bugbear we do have is that some people let their dogs mess in it – sorry that is simply irresponsible dog ownership and nothing to do with the length of the grass. Everyone knows children either play there or use it to traverse to school.

A plan was actually in place for a local farmer to cut the grass, bale it and use it as food for his animals, until he saw it. That plan was scuppered because of the amount of dog mess littering the area. So while many complain: and that includes dog walkers who have emailed their comments, you really need to consider whether you may have caused part of the problem.

Sorry this is not the best note to end on but perhaps a thought that needed to be aired.

Julia & the Trust Team