Reports from our County Councillors: Nov-Dec 2014

Posted on 22nd December 2014 | in Northumberland County Council

Planning for the next County Council budget is well in hand. There will be consultation with the public and Parish and Town Councils. The figures are stark. Cuts of £42 million over the next two financial years are being considered. By the end of the next financial year Northumberland County Council will have lost 40% of its revenue budget as a result of Government cuts since 2010. Proposals will include a Council Tax increase of just under 2%. The balance of funding services is shifting with more coming from local tax payers. There is no way these cuts can avoid impacting services; there will be an attempt to protect the most vulnerable but as this scale of cuts continues it gets harder every year.

Amble’s buzzing
The harbour village works are progressing; the disruption has been difficult for residents and visitors but hopefully the end result will be worthwhile. The idea is to build on Amble’s strengths, especially its harbour and local food. Tourism is very important to our economy now but the new training initiative based at Pride of Northumbria and the replacement for the Coquet Shorebase will have a wider legacy. I am thrilled to see local youngsters given the chance to learn new skills under the direction of a proven business leader. The new shorebase is the end of a twenty year plan. Funding from Jeff Watson and myself via the County small schemes pot has helped both projects. Amble’s past success have been based on good partnerships and I hope the Harbour Village will be the catalyst for a better future.

Christmas wishes
The community comes together to brighten our town and neighbouring villages at Christmas; the culmination of months of planning and fund raising. Thanks to all of the volunteers we enjoy the lights and the procession. We all appreciate what they do. My very best wishes for Christmas and the year ahead.

Robert Arckless
telephone: 01665 711938

I want to start by saying how wonderful it was to see so many residents turn out on Remembrance Sunday to honour our armed forces personnel who died in the service of their country in the past. The consensus of opinion was that it was a good service and a fitting tribute. Well done to all those involved in the arrangements, particularly the Town Council. We will remember them !

By the time you get this copy of The Ambler we should have a new bus shelter on Acklington Road which Councillor Arckless and I funded, as ever it seems to take a long time for projects like this to happen, but we get there in the end.
The new layout of parking areas on Queen Street would seem to be working quite well but I note that some drivers are still parking in loading bays, these designated areas are important for delivery vehicles and if you park in them you are risking a fine.Please don’t complain if you get one, you have been warned!

I am proud to have been involved in the new developments in Amble and I believe the Harbour Village area and the new training facility on Queen Street coupled with landscaping etc will vastly increase Ambles appeal as a tourist destination.There is definitely a buzz in the Town, lots of new activity and new businesses and interesting developments that should help to ensure opportunities for employment particularly for our young people.
I welcome anything that will help to make our wonderful town prosper As ever I am available on
and by phone

Jeff Watson
Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year to all residents
of the town.