By Artograffi: Vampire dolls are all the RAGE

Posted on 19th October 2015 | in Community

dollvampire-BSYou might have heard about Reborn dolls but have you heard of the vampire one? We both own and adore Reborn dolls.

Some people treat Reborn dolls like real babies, they spend money on things that are not needed , for example: real baby food, real baby nappies, packs and packs of baby wipes, a proper Reborn changing table and baby cots.

We know this because we have seen YouTube videos on Reborn dolls where people try to feed them with real food.

dollvampire-LWSome people buy vampire Reborn dolls! Or they just buy the doll and get a customisation kit to make them into vampires.

Here’s our vampire doll! She is called Ellisabat.

By Bethany and
Lily W