Age of insecurity: should I give up my coal fire?

Posted on 03rd March 2016 | in Community , Harry McQuillen: Age of insecurity

The beginning of a new year is supposed to be the time to take stock. But what are we supposed to take stock of?
We could look at the big picture, and include international and local considerations.

Harry McQuillen

Harry McQuillen

Conflicts, climate change, the devastation brought about by wind, wave, flood, drought, and earthquake are always in the news. Then there are the things in our own lives, like health, relationships, economic circumstances, and good or ill luck.
Whatever we’re faced with, we need to find ways to cope.

The Climate Change Summit will try to get us to improve our environmental footprint. Should I give up my coal fire? Would central heating really be an improvement?

Can I do more to help people who are in very real need?

My Dad always said that words are cheap, and that actions were what mattered. I know that I talk too much, as I’ve often admitted. Like most folk, old and young, I have some rather rigid ideas.

You don’t have to be an historian’s bootlace to see that what’s always brought about the greatest good for the greatest number is co-operation! At this time of ‘Goodwill towards men’ perhaps we could give it a go?

What am I going on about? How about starting with family, friends, workmates, people we meet, and people we know who have trouble?

A recent cataract operation made me realise how very special our NHS is. A wonderful young surgeon from overseas just smiled when I told her that she had better co-ordinations than many an athlete, she claimed that it was “just practice”