A walk around Alnwick with Harry McQuillen

Posted on 05th May 2016 | in Community

alnwick-map-flatThis outing covers about three miles and the walking time is about one hour, but don’t forget to allow time to enjoy the views.
Leave Alnwick bus station (1) opposite ‘Twenty One’.

Turn right past Pottergate Tower (2) and walk down to Bailiffgate you will see St. Michael’s Church (3) in front of you. Turn right along Bailiffgate and see Alnwick Castle (4) ahead.

Turn left down the Peth and cross the Lion Bridge, (5) turn right through the gate into the Pastures.(6) Take a photo, or just enjoy the view.

Go back up the Peth, past the castle and walk along part of Narrowgate leading to the Market Place (7) to see the Northumberland Hall, (very well scaffolded at present) the Town Hall, that’s the building in the corner with the stone steps, and the Market Cross.

Go back onto Narrowgate and turn right long Bondgate Within. You will see the Bondgate Tower (8) and the Playhouse (9)keep going to the corner and you will come to Barter Books (11)on the right, with a view of the Tenantry Column (10) on the grassy hill.

Turn right up Wagonway Road and you will come to the Post Office (12)on the corner on the right. Turn right up Swansfield Park Road looking through the railings at the Duke’s School(13) a great building.

Keep walking straight across the corner and up the sloping part of Swansfield Park Road. You’ll see the entrance to the track along the Summer Seats (14) with the best view of Alnwick and the sea.

Carry on until you meet Clayport Bank (15) then turn right back to the Bus Station.