War Memorial clock repairs needed due to excessive damp

Posted on 12th May 2016 | in Amble Town Council , Community , News


Above: repairing the clock (pic from 2013)

The war memorial clock has been a subject of discussion recently as its timing has been out.

Engineers have discovered that the clock is suffering from excessive damp which may have been caused by objects on the roof of the memorial building blocking the drainage system.

Amble Town Council undertook a condition survey on the memorial clock, so a grant application could be submitted to the War Memorials Trust for repairs based on the findings.

Council members acknowledged the importance of the War Memorial and preserving it and wanted to have repairs carried out as soon as possible, but agreed to be guided by the correct methods due to the listed status of the memorial.

An engineer recently carried out a planned routine annual servicing of the clock and his investigations revealed that due to excessive damp, parts of the clock and auto-wind units had partially seized up.

He carried out a partial cleaning operation which left the clock working, but he expressed a lack of confidence that this will continue.

In his opinion, the auto-wind units need to be taken into the workshop for dismantling and cleaning and when re-fitting them the mechanism itself should be dismantled and cleaned to completely remove the impact of the damp.

Leaking roof
The fitting of an auto regulating unit is currently “on hold” due to the leaking roof.
A leading engineer was asked to carry out a full and thorough survey of the clock and associated equipment when he was in the area in March, so that a more detailed report can be put together which may well form part of the general refurbishment.

The conservation accredited engineer came out to look at the War Memorial and the internal structure.

The damage has been caused by rain water collecting on the roof and saturating it. The engineer discovered that the reason it did not drain away was as a result of five footballs and a tennis ball which were on the roof and blocking the drainage system.

The town council is awaiting reports on the exact damage this has caused. Whatever repairs need to be carried out, the council would remind all that the town square and memorial gardens is not an appropriate location for ball games.
Repairs will hopefully be carried out as soon as possible and we will all be on time.