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Oscar the pod cat

Fans of Oscar ‘the Pod Cat’ may be interested to know he now has his own Facebook page.
The fabulous feline, pictured here, is a firm favourite at Amble Harbour Village, and is often to be seen snoozing in the sunshine or pootling around the pods.

Oscar’s page was set up by Coquet Cosmetics pod owner Laura Stubbs, and he already has over 100 friends.
“I’m a big fan of Oscar’s – who isn’t!,” she said. “I was just scrolling through photos on Instagram looking at photos from Amble and I noticed he was in a lot of them.

“He always attracts loads of interest at the Harbour Village as he’s here all the time, and I thought it would be a good way of getting all the photos in one place.”

You can find Oscar’s page by searching for @oscarthepodcat on Facebook.

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