Age of Insecurity: green shoots at home and abroad

Posted on 21st October 2016 | in Community , Harry McQuillen: Age of insecurity

Harry McQuillen

Harry McQuillen

So much has happened since our last issue that it’s hard to know where to start. Trouble in our NHS, on the railways, money markets and potential loss of large firms, trouble at The Jungle and the roads around Calais, the Middle East, unemployment and underemployment, Mario Mantis’ scathing comments on British attitudes to the E.U.

Is that enough for now? With the first competitive football win for England under Big Sam, my mind turned to Raymond King. What would he have made of a last minute through – the –goalies – legs fluke? I have a feeling that he was an optimist, just as I am. So let’s think of Green Shoots at home and abroad.

It seems that the predicted economic disaster hasn’t happened. A recent survey found that the majority of people in the sample felt that they were doing pretty well.

Perhaps our summer weather has helped, together with news of good things in various parts of the country. Of course, our Brexit will take time, and we can’t be sure of all our trading relationships. I have a feeling that the links that determine volume and terms of trade are forged by people who understand one another and who want to foster good relationships.

So what about our town? As I’ve often said, I meet many people who think that we have a town to be proud of.

Recent developments need no further description. Look around and see! Our local funding for our Shannon Lifeboat, the optimism and belief behind our Harbour Village, the 30 plus eateries, prospects for more housing and a hotel.

How likely was all that a couple of decades ago? Tourists come here in large numbers, and not just on fine days. Could we encourage them to come back to Amble? People who are looking around the area often want to know more about it. We can point out where things are now, and how things were in the past: perhaps without too many words. That last bit is a hard ask for me!
Harry McQuillen