Walking football: fun and fitness for the over 40s

Posted on 14th February 2017 | in Amble Town Council , Community

Amble Mayor Jane Dargue takes part in the first walking football session. Photo by Martin Horn

Walking football was invented in 2011 and is one of the latest crazes in the football world. It is an activity that gives those,who have given up, the chance to get back into the sport they love.

As you’ve guessed, walking football involves a lot of walking! It carries all the same rules as every day football except you can’t pick up too much speed. It provides a sociable, fun and safe environment for those looking to be a little more active in their spare time.

If you have concerns about your medical health please contact your doctor and seek advice before participating. Variations and game adaptations can be made to suit participants’ needs and capabilities.

Walking football sessions are held every Tuesday, 6-7pm at James Calvert Spence College.
The scheme is for men and women over 40 and is free! The sessions are run by Tiny Woods Academy.