Iona Skye tops graduate fashion show

Posted on 13th July 2017 | in Community

Iona Skye Buddle

One of Iona Skye’s creations inspired by the Northumbrian coast. Photo by Samantha Orton

A local fashion design student has been selected to feature in a graduate show, and is now hoping for a future in the industry.

Iona Skye Buddle, who lived in Amble before going to university, was one of six students whose work was selected for the recent graduate fashion week, and her designs can be seen on Vogue’s website.

She went to Newcastle College to study Art and Design and then Nottingham Trent University where she studied for a BA in Fashion Knitwear Design. As part of her year’s placement, Iona Skye worked for Hugo Boss in Switzerland as a knitwear developer. Her collection was sponsored by international yarn manufacturer UPW, who are based in Hong Kong.

Iona Skye described how growing up close to the sea has influenced her work: “I have grown up in a coastal village in Northumberland; I have always been inspired by the ocean and I am passionate about sustainability and ethical fashion and it felt important to me as I was creating my collection, to have links with my coastal roots.

Some of Iona Skye’s collection modeled at Graduate Fashion week

I wanted to use materials that would highlight ocean pollution and how it is affecting our textile material source and marine life. Using Monofilament within my collection has been important to me, as it is a single fibre of plastic, widely used as fishing line. Monofilament knitted creates a high strength, flexible and fine transparent fabric that has created such unique garments within my collection.”

Iona Skye told The Ambler: “Since the show, I have had lots of interest from brands like GAP In New York, Next and a few suppliers in Manchester/London. So I am just seeing where the opportunities take me then maybe in the future start my own label but for now I’m happy just exploring all of the opportunities that come my way!”