Kirsten serves up a slice of heaven

Posted on 12th October 2017 | in News

A new business in Amble, is offering magnificent homemade cakes, deliciously gooey crepes and mouth watering traybakes.

Penny Blackmore has a fine reputation for her baking, and daughter Kirsten decided that a pod in the Harbour village would be an ideal opportunity to start her very first business, where she could sell her mother’s cakes.

Kirsten told The Ambler: “I left university, where I had been studying art, and I fancied a change.
“My mum has been baking cakes all her life and I’ve always said they should reach a wider audience. I thought there’s nothing quite like it in the Harbour Village, so we went for it.”

K’s Little Kakery offers homemade cakes, traybakes and hot crepes.
As the weather gets colder, Kirsten will be selling soup and hot chocolate.
For opening times, see her Facebook page:

For those who love gorgeous food photos, K’s Little Kakery is also on Instagram.


This article has been amended as it was not made clear that K’s Little Kakery is Kirsten Blackmore’s own business and separate from her mother’s cake making business. We apologise for any confusion.