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Reverse advent calendar would help Amble Food Bank

The Amble Food Bank would like to introduce the reverse advent calendar.

The idea is instead of opening a calendar door and collecting a treat, we thought we could ask the kind people of Amble and surrounding area to collect an extra item(s) to their daily/weekly shop and drop them in a collection point in Amble.

These are both Co-ops and the Blue Bell public house on Albert Street. For larger donations, or monetary donations, please contact the email below.

We thank the community of Amble and surrounding areas for supporting those in need not only at Christmas but throughout the year.

Amble Food Bank would like to thank Morrisons of Alnwick for their donations throughout the year, also both Co-ops and The Blue Bell public house in Amble for having collecting baskets on their premises.

We also thank the Amble Women’s Institute and the schools, churches and others for their food and monetary donations over the past year.

We finally thank the community of Amble and surrounding areas for their continued generous donations and hope this will continue next year by all mentioned above.

Suggested items for Amble Foodbank

Toilet rolls, biscuits, tooth paste, shower gel, soap, puddings, cereal, soup, tinned potatoes, tinned carrots, tinned sweet corn.

Chopped tomatoes, cooking oil, tinned peas, tinned green beans.

Pasta, pasta sauce, rice, baked beans, tinned pilchards, tinned tuna.

Tinned ham, tinned luncheon meat, tinned hot dogs.

Coffee (100g), tea (80 – 100), sugar, long life milk

Tinned beef and onion, tinned sausage casserole

Tinned Irish stew, tinned stewed steak, tinned chilli con carne.

Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year

Bill, Victoria, Ken, Ben and Elizabeth

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