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  1. Could contributors type their articles directly into this box?

    • yes 🙂

    • shAMBLEs…
      …Amble is an absolute joke! A bit of snow and the lights go out, literally. Where does our road tax go? There’s no gritters in amble. If the snow was ploughed as snow we would be rid of it, but the council would rather wait till it turns to ice and then sprinkle a pinch of salt on it, if bothering at all.

    • Hi Vivienne, Could you give me publishing dates of the Ambler and last dates for entry.I have an entry for the next issue for Church and would like to use the mag for Church entries and Amble Photo Group. Thank you Geodia

  2. I love the new website Ambler team. Long time coming may it live it live long and be well used.

  3. The police in Amble are a joke! They only come out of the station in the summer and that’s to get fish and chips. People can commit crimes (such as riding a scrambler with no licence/tax/insurance/helmet on the pavements really loud and fast in the wee hours) right outside the station and they still can’t catch them. Get a grip!

    • Alf, If it’s any consolation, the Amble police were a joke when I lived there – they did nothing to help me.
      So, no change. Apart from eating fish and chips ,what are they doing in the station? Surfing the internet? planning holidays , etc?!

  4. 2013 marks the 34th year since the Class of 79 walked through the Amble Modern School gates for the last time, as pupils. It also the year that we all turn 50 years young, although some of you are there already.
    I have spoken to a few of our old classmates, on the main street in Amble, who are interested in a class reunion next year. I’m still not sure what a passer by meant by saying we resembled the cast off “Last of the Summer Wine” The venue will depend upon how many people respond to this email.The timing can be discussed at a later date. Please register your interest at the following email address:

    Cheers, hope to see everyone next year…

  5. can i just say thank you for printing a picture of amble gardens in your publication but i am sad to inform you that some low life has stolen the tourch runner and mr t doing damage to stone henge in the process but never mind on the hole very very little shall we call it negativity has been directed at the garden and i have a great deal of positive feedback on the gardens facebook page with a number of people adding to the garden of their own accord to all of them i say thankyou for your kind actions and comments as to the low lifes i will continue and i will not be beat thankyou take care god bless

  6. The Puffin Festival sounds to be a great idea! I’ve marked the dates in my diary and my wife and I are planning to come up and enjoy it for a few days. Do you know when a programme of festival events will be drawn up?
    Good luck with all your efforts to keep Amble alive and kicking!

  7. Hi – QuestUAV is located on the Amble Industrial Estate – we manufacture and sell fixed wing unmanned air craft – you may have seen us on the front page of the recent edition of The Ambler. We have a university intern joining us for an 8 week period from 1st July to 23rd August and are looking for a room for him in Amble.

    If you have a spare room over this period and are interested in accommodating him please contact us on or 01665 479042. The budget for this 8 week period is £600. Look forward to hearing from folks in Amble.

  8. An anthropologist records and films tribal dances and he is told of a mysterious Australian aborigine tribe that performs the ‘Butcher Dance’. Determined to record it, he assembles an expedition and they drive out into the bush. After weeks of searching their vehicles break down and they are forced to travel on foot, carrying their supplies. After more gruelling weeks they are near to collapse and all, except the anthropologist, give up. He struggles on carrying his few supplies and his heavy camera until finally, starving and thirsty, he collapses and is near to death.
    He is roused by fresh water given by aborigines who have found him and is overjoyed to discover that they are the mysterious tribe that performs the sacred ‘Butcher Dance’.
    He offers the gifts he has brought if they will perform it for him and allow him to record it. Reluctantly, they agree because they have never performed it for strangers who are not members of the tribe.
    The anthropologist sets up his camera and recording equipment, the tribemen form a circle, the chief claps his hands as the camera begins to turn and the dance begins: ” You butcher left leg in , you butcher left leg out; in, out,in,out, you shake it all about………………..”

  9. I just wanted to say thank you to the Ambler for helping me to contact my old school friend Julie Cowan, and to Linda and Marjorie who very kindly contacted me with information. It was wonderful to make contact again, and this time we will stay in touch, and hopefully meet up sometime soon. Thanks again, as without the Ambler it would not have been possible. Keep up the good work!

  10. hi there i am doing a house clearance in amble and would like to donate a food can i do this please all food is tinned and well within date

  11. Trying to find Sally Stone

  12. Can something PLEASE be done about the public toilets in Amble!What good is it if tousands of pounds are spent to encourage visitors, hundreds come, ant they cannot use the public toilets! I heard one visitor exclaim” Oh my goodness!!! I`m not using that” The toilets , both in the Town Square and the Quayside are disgustingly dirty!!!! Hope the Ambler can help!!!!

  13. Re issue104—article on proposed approved and current housing plans.

    This is the best illustration of the topic which has reared its head, covering present and future plans for our Town.

    There can be no doubt about the scale of any proposals and the outcome which would arise if all applications are successful.We are advised that the numbers with planners would meet and excede targets that NCC are looking for.Does logic suggest that if these plans are met no more plans would be approved before the 2030,s
    The simulated illustration of an overhead of Amble together with superimposed current plans ,would suggest that the next round of plans would focus on infill without encroaching on Parish boundaries.Is it too much to suggest that an obvious target of this line of thought would be land in the ownership of NCC and inside the long planned provision of a bypass to the West of the Town.

  14. Do not know who wrote about suffering slow broadband but it certain that it was not this Carle Robinson please get it corrected

    • I’m so sorry, it should say Carle Donaldson. My apologies to both of you. I will correct this when I put it up online.