Minutes of meeting held Monday 18th March 2019

Posted on 09th May 2019 | in Hauxley Parish Council

Minutes 18th March 2019

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  1. elizabeth sells says:

    I was wondering if and when I can expect to see that the Parish Council has seen and read a letter regarding flooding on the 1068, posted to the council on the 14th January and addressed to The Chair. Along with the conversation I had with the clerk regarding that matter. I also asked when we (our family) could expect to receive the copy of the book produced regarding Hauxley in WW!. The clerk did say she thought she had a spare and she would drop it off at some point. This has not happened. I have thought since we have lived here that Radcliffe is an outpost of Hauxley PC. This incident seems o prove that point.
    Unfortunately my husband came to the cancelled previous meeting to observe the matter of the letter as presumably it would be AOB in the council meeting matters. Sadly neither of us were able to attend at the rearranged time. Neither of us were able to attend the recent meeting, my husband due to temporary health matters, myself because I sing in a choir on a Monday. Hence the need to put the matter in writing. I see no mention of this letter in either of the recent PC meetings. Has the letter been lost somehow?

  2. elizabeth sels says:

    Apologies the original letter was not in fact posted (my mistake) it was emailed on the 12th February and the 15th March. My mistake

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