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  • All chessed out

    All chessed out

    15th May 2014

    All chessed out I played chess in Harrogate in a tournament for able/disabled people. It took…

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  • Amble, the friendliest port

    Amble, the friendliest port

    21st March 2014

    I am now 26 and have been here nearly two years and still the town captivates…

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  • The haunting of Hauxley

    The haunting of Hauxley

    25th September 2013

    By Michael Lowery While looking at the beer pumps in the Schooner inn, an old fashioned…

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  • Driving blind

    Driving blind

    19th August 2013

    I am writing to share with you the sheer enjoyment cultivated from my latest accomplishment. I…

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  • Holiday heaven (poem)

    Holiday heaven (poem)

    23rd July 2013

    Icmeler Icmeler is truly a lovely place and on the beach there is plenty space with…

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  • Saturday night at The Masons

    Saturday night at The Masons

    28th June 2013

    I recently sampled the Saturday night live entertainment put on by the Masons in Amble.  I…

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  • Review: The new Taj Mahal restaurant

    Review: The new Taj Mahal restaurant

    1st May 2013

    I  recently tried the food from the new Indian restaurant that has just opened in Amble….

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  • Why come to Amble?

    Why come to Amble?

    11th March 2013

    There is a host of reasons why one should come to Amble; here are just a…

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  • Poem: The Geordie dream

    Poem: The Geordie dream

    17th December 2012

    It was the year of 2003 when the dream began for the Geordie clan The time…

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  • Michael’s blog: “a view from the dark”

    Michael’s blog: “a view from the dark”

    11th December 2012

    A view from the dark Hi my name is Michael Lowery and I am a totally…

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