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Warm welcome for Olympic Torch

Logan Jones

Despite the pouring rain, hundreds of people lined the streets of Amble to greet the Olympic Flame as it passed through the town on its June 15th journey from Alnwick to Newcastle.

Crowds gathered from 7.30am, lining the whole route, from the bottom of the Wynd to Marks Bridge, and braving the damp weather to cheer Logan Jones, aged 12 from Ashington and Lisa French from Newcastle who carried the Olympic flame through the town.

Logan Jones was the first torchbearer. He ran up the Wynd, passing the flame on to Lisa French at the Wellwood corner.

Schoolchildren waved and cheered the Olympic Torch through Amble  as Lisa passed South Avenue and Edwin St school and the crowds continued shouting and clapping their support until she ended her run at Mark’s Bridge.

Olympic Torch through Amble  (video approx 23 secs)
Olympic Torch thru Amble-(mp4)


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