• Artograffi #143

    27th November 2023

    Come and join Artograffi At Artograffi, we write articles, draw, research, interview and most of all…

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  • Artograffi #142

    25th September 2023

    What happened to the running track we were promised? Last year the long awaited dream of…

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  • Artograffi #141

    17th July 2023

    Savvy students’ super startup Six year 9 students at James Calvert Spence College have been becoming…

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  • Artograffi #140

    25th May 2023

    Do you believe in faith schools? Ok what is a faith school? Well, some of them…

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  • Artograffi #139

    29th March 2023

    Not all men: why we should celebrate women authors The school curriculum teaches us the wonders…

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  • Artograffi #138

    6th February 2023

    World famous dancer inspires us all Fernando Montano is a man of many talents, and it…

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  • Artograffi #137

    5th December 2022

      Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all the Artograffi team We hope everyone…

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  • Artograffi #136

    26th September 2022

    A very serious interview with a future celebrity author As we say goodbye to Lily Tibbitts…

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  • Artograffi #135

    22nd August 2022

    Top 5 reasons why YOU should join Artograffi! We are looking for new people to help…

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  • Artograffi #134

    23rd May 2022

    ‘All my memories were in one bag’ Since 2011, when the war in Syria began, millions…

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