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Online safety

Being safe on the internet means you know exactly who you are talking to, for example a trusted adult or parent. You should not have a conversation with someone you have only met on the internet, because you don’t really know who they are.

Why is it important to be careful what you send to other people?

Because it might get spread to other people. It may embarass you if the person you send it to then sends it to other people who may send it on again. Even if it’s something not too bad and you think they won’t spread it, you might fall out with them in the future and they might want to make fun of you and embarrass you.

So be careful when you press send.

Future Lionesses

After my last article about getting more girls to play football, my school, James Calvert Spence College has started a girls football club for 9-11s (my age!).
I have been told that the school read my article and decided to start the club. It’s on Wednesdays 3.15pm – 4.15pm.
I’m very happy about this since I have always wanted one to happen. So of course, My mam has signed me up to go.
By Eden

Rubbish game wins ‘Game of the Year’

The Game Awards is a ceremony held every year to celebrate the best video games of the year. It has been held every year since 2014 and is hosted by the video game journalist Geoff Keighley. It’s imprtant for game players (as games can be teased at the event), and the developers (as it may feature their game winning). The most recent event was held on 7 December.

How the nominating process works

The players can vote online for 31 overall groups like Best Mobile Game and Best Narrative, but the main grand title is Game of the Year. The only downside to the game awards is that the players’ vote only counts for 10% of the overall votes. You might be wondering where the rest of the 90% of votes go. Well, these are up to the Game Awards Jurors. There are 100 jurors altogether, made up from leading gaming media and influencers across the globe.

Some Subgenres

The nominees for Best Narrative were Marvels Spiderman 2, Baldurs Gate 3, Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty, Alan Wake 2 and Final Fantasy XVI. The winner of Best Narrative went to Alan Wake 2. The nominees for Best Mobile Game were Hello Kitty Adventure, Monster Hunter Now, Honkai: Star Rail, Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis and Terra Nil. The winner of best mobile game was Honkai: Star Rail. It’s a free game, so maybe try it out?

And the winner is…

The nominees for the grand prize were Alan Wake 2 (a survival psychological horror game), Marvels Spiderman 2 (an action adventure game), Resident Evil 4 (a survival horror game), Baldurs Gate 3 (a role playing, make your own story game) and finally The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (an action adventure).

Place your bets now, who do you think won Game of the Year? Without further ado: “Game of the Year goes to…. Baldurs Gate 3.”
Baldurs Gate 3 costs £60 at time of writing, but with 60 hours of story it is a very good deal.

My rant
But, in comparison to The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and Marvel’s Spiderman 2 this game is terrible. First off, I find Baldurs Gate 3 to be more tailored towards PC. Secondly, the game has a very clunky control system. And thirdly, I think Tears of the Kingdom is just a better game

By Noah

The future of our planet is at risk

Because of the effects it has on the environment, pollution is a serious issue that could possibly be the end of the world if it is not stopped soon enough.

Pollution can lead to global warming, climate change, habitat destruction and more. There are multiple types of pollution too – land, water and air.

What can cause land, water and air pollution?
Pollution on land can be caused by a few things:– litter, using unnecessarily large amounts of pesticides/insecticides in agriculture, and other reasons. Land pollution causes habitat destruction, which can lead to extinction of some animal species. Polluted areas are also more likely to become drier due to lack of biodiversity – without the right amount of predators, prey and plants ecosystems cannot thrive. This is called desertification.

Water pollution can be caused by numerous factors too – including throwing litter into oceans, or any other body of water like a lake or river, oil spills, sewage being dumped into the ocean – mostly by big companies who want to get rid of their waste, and more. This can affect things like the health of our marine ecosystems, as well as the animals living in the polluted environments.

Finally, air pollution is caused by pollutants such as greenhouse gases, which absorb heat from the sun and reflect it back at the Earth. This is called the greenhouse effect, it includes carbon dioxide, methane (yes, the fart gas) and water vapour, emissions from vehicles, coal powered power plants and others. Particulates – which are a mix of solid and liquid particles found in the air – can be inhaled by someone and can cause serious lung damage.

What can we do?
To help stop pollution, there are a few things we can do, including: instead of taking the car, walking/bike to places if they are close enough – and if possible – use public transportation like buses or trains, recycle and avoid plastic bags and if possible other things with a lot of unnecessary plastic packaging.

However, using something like metal straws or not using plastic bags won’t immediately solve the issue. Ordinary people can do their bit but rich people need to do more to change their lifestyles. Private jets, mostly owned by celebrities, can emit two tonnes of carbon dioxide in only an hour. According to Greenpeace, “The global average energy-related carbon footprint is around 4.7 tonnes of CO2 per person per year.” This means that a one hour long flight on a private jet could emit almost half as much carbon dioxide as one person does in a whole year.

By Grace

Are you popular? Do you have an unusual name? 
The top 3 girls’ names in the UK last year were Olivia, Amelia and Isla. The top 3 boys’ names were Muhammad, Noah and Theo.  Some of the Artograffi team have names on the list. Noah’s name is second on the boys’ list.
In our school year, the most common girls’ names are Sophie, Eva, Lillie and Lucy(ie). The most common boys’ names are Joe, Jack and Max.
If you want a famous influencer’s name, here are some: Zendaya, Ozzie, Banks, Stomi, Wren
Social media influencer Taylor Humphrey can find you a baby name that fits your family’s personal brand but it might cost you $30,000!
Gender neutral names like Taylor are doubling in popularity. Also, there’s now a trend for magical or witch themed names like Luna, Sage and Lyra, but royal names like William, Charles and Harry have dropped in popularity.
Names info from
By Nina and Eden


We need to help these animals NOW!!!!

You might think that endangered animals are tigers, polar bears and pandas. But there are actually many endangered animals in the UK. In 2016, 165 species were endangered. These are the top 5.

1. Hedgehogs – Hedgehogs are the most endangered animal in the UK. Despite its prickly coat and sharp spines some species like the African Pygmy hedgehog have become a popular pet. (PLEASE DO NOT TRY TO MAKE ANY WILD ANIMAL A PET.) Since 2000, 50% of this species has decreased partly due to the lack of farmland.

2. Water Voles – This species is under serious threat because of habitat loss and predation by American mink. Water voles have disappeared from 94% of their habitats in the UK since the 1960s.

3. Hazel Dormouse – The population of this dormouse has decreased by 75% in the UK. Some have been taken to a secret location in hope to bring them back.

4. Beavers – In the UK, Beavers were hunted to near extinction nearly 400 years ago. They have since been successfully reintroduced and are protected in many other countries.

5. Scottish Wildcats – There are only 35 left in the wild according to a wild cat campaign. The main threat to Scottish Wildcats is that they are breeding with feral cats and domestic cats.

By Nina


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