Young People’s Activities

  • Future looks fun with Amble Youth Project

    5th August 2022

    Amble Youth Project welcomes Tina Gibbinson, their new Delivery Manager.Tina lives in Amble so hopes to…

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  • two boys in front of Warkworth castle

    JCSC cricketers to play at Lords

    25th July 2022

    Two year nine pupils at JCSC will fulfil the dream of every cricketer this summer when…

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  • Artograffi #134

    23rd May 2022

    ‘All my memories were in one bag’ Since 2011, when the war in Syria began, millions…

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  • Artograffi #133

    21st March 2022

    Happy Penguin Day!!! Aren’t penguins amazing? (The answer is yes) They are so amazing that they…

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  • Artograffi #130

    27th September 2021

    Frankie wins a family holiday Frankie Simpson, aged 11 has won a family holiday at a…

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  • Swimmers warned to take care as tragedy narrowly averted

    27th July 2021

    An Amble surfer has warned swimmers to take care, after saving three people who got into…

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  • Artograffi #128

    2nd June 2021

    Can we go back to the way things were? With lockdown restrictions beginning to be lifted…

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  • Artograffi #127

    31st March 2021

    What it’s like getting a Covid test On Monday 8 March at 9 am I went…

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  • Why we need to balance economics and nature

    31st March 2021

    On 2 February, a global review was published by Professor Partha Dasgupta, which looked at the…

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  • Share your stories of the last year

    25th February 2021

    On 23 March it will be exactly one year since the first lockdown. As we know,…

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