Heritage & Tourism

  • Trust Life: #123

    25th August 2020

    Welcome back to Trust Life, after an extended break. I’m sure I don’t need to say…

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  • WW2 veteran George Skipper dies age 98

    30th July 2020

    We were sorry to hear of the death of Chelsea Pensioner George Skipper, who died in…

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  • Wreaths placed in memory of lost crew

    9th July 2020

    A wreath laying event at sea was held in honour of the Amble dredger MV Coquet…

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  • VE Day: celebrating triumph over adversity

    10th May 2020

    The town square was unusually quiet. A few people had gathered in the warm May sunshine…

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  • Can you help with information on the Coquet Mouth?

    16th April 2020

    A retired Amble coastguard officer wants to create a memorial to those lost when an Amble…

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  • Thank you to veterans at D-Day service

    14th June 2019

    As a tribute to mark the 75th anniversary of the D-Day Landings the people of Amble…

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  • Amble Puffin Festival!

    23rd May 2019

    There really can’t be that many (any?) other festivals with puffins, the KGB, kite flying on…

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  • New routes for walkers and cyclists

    18th April 2019

    Walking route Walkers are being enticed into the Friendliest Port via the new England Coastal Route,…

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  • Everybody’s turning to Amble

    11th April 2019

    Hot on the heels of Northumberland winning Best UK Holiday Destination at the 2018 British Travel…

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  • Why Paddington would love Amble

    11th April 2019

    Ask anyone who’s been here what they associate with Amble and they would probably say The…

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