Book review: STARFISH by Mark Batey

Posted on 12th October 2023 | in Heritage & Tourism , Leisure , What's On

To win a signed copy, answer the following question –

Part of the story of Starfish takes place in Amble and its Marina.
In what year did the Marina officially open?
(a) 1980 (b) 1984 (c) 1987 (d) 1989

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The Ambler will make a draw of all correct answers received by Monday 23 October 2023. The first five drawn will each win a signed copy of the paperback edition of the book.

STARFISH is set in summer 2022. It is a fictitious adventure that takes place in London and Northumberland against the backdrop of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Part of it unfolds in Amble.

The Ambler’s Chris Herzberg gave us her review.

When his Mum dies aged 62, she leaves John Stirling a Jensen Interceptor and a key fob concealing a memory stick, which of course he wants to investigate…

The more I read, the more I enjoyed and believed it. I thought the Russians were round every corner. The only thing I didn’t believe was that the Constable had been on the beat with Northumbrian Police. You never see a copper on the streets of Amble!

Although there are a lot of characters, Mark is very good at describing them so you don’t get confused.

It was a long journey through several countries with several characters experiencing various social dilemmas. Some of the time I had no idea what was happening. Some of the time I felt I was being chased. It was exhilarating.

The Cold War, Ukraine, AI. It’s all there. Enjoy the ride.

A starfish has five limbs. When one is cut off, another grows. There is cyber crime, civil unrest and violence on UK streets, and finally building up to an assassination. But whose?

A starfish has no brain or blood. STARFISH, the book by Mark Batey has plenty of both.

This is the third book by Amble author Mark Batey. The Ambler has been delighted to review Grace, a new look on the life of Grace Darling, and Warbird, a thriller set during WW2. Find or order them from independent bookshops if you can.

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