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Time travelling at the Middle School

We met Peter Proctor Cannon who went to Amble Secondary Modern School which we know now as Amble Middle School. Peter told us about a time capsule that he and his class and teacher buried at the school.

Issy and Eden with Peter Proctor Cannon

This all happened in 1959 because they were excited about the new decade ahead and the space race. His teacher at the school was Mr Tait in room 8, and the capsule was buried between room 8 and the weather station. This was not the same room 8 as now.

In the time capsule they put records, newspapers, comics, toys, photos of the class and coins. Everything was put in a biscuit tin. At the time, they thought it would be dug up in the year 2000, but Peter says no one knows what happened to it.

Peter said “I would be excited for it to be dug up and would like to see it” but he thought there wouldn’t be much of it left and it would be rotten now. Does anyone know whether the capsule was ever dug up? We would love to hear your memories.

Also – maybe we can do a time capsule for the new school when it is finished?
By Issy and Eden

How you can make your own music

Everyone likes music – pop music, classical music, whatever it is that you find yourself listening to when you want to listen to something in the background as you do your homework. Now imagine if you could make your own music – completely for free!

Making music digitally isn’t as hard as you would imagine – all you need is a DAW (Digital audio workstation – the program you use to make the music), and some VSTs (Virtual sound technologies – basically the instruments that you can use in your DAW). There are a lot of different DAWs you could use depending on the device that you would be running them on. If you have an Apple device like an iPad or a MacBook, it should already have something called GarageBand, which you can use to make music. It also comes with a bunch of instruments, but unless you’re on a MacBook you can’t use other VSTs (I think so… I haven’t used GarageBand on MacBook myself).

Another DAW you could consider is called BandLab. Even though I had to use it in school up until year 9, I don’t have much experience with this one at all but I know someone who manages to make some pretty cool music on there, so if they can do it so can you.

The DAW I use is called Cakewalk by BandLab. Although made by the same company, they are different – Cakewalk is for the PC, but BandLab can be used on pretty much anything.
To me, Cakewalk is the DAW I prefer to use – because I think it has a more professional feel to it than BandLab and it’s pretty easy to use/navigate. As soon as I found out how to make it able to use my VSTs and use the piano scroll viewer, I was ready to start making some music!

Of course it might be a little confusing at first, but once you know what you’re doing, it’s quite fun – plus, Cakewalk can be used for more things other than just composition, such as recording or mastering songs.

Another good DAW I know is Fl Studio, but you need to pay for that one. It can be used on mobile too though.

By Grace 🙂

Turning hobbies into businesses

Have you ever thought of turning your hobby into a business? Do you want some ideas? Well we are here to help. You can sell scrunchies, bracelets, old clothes and even your siblings (just kidding!)

Eden with one of her hand made bracelets

Times can be hard so everyone needs a little money. Nina and I both have a hobby for arts and crafts and we love it. I make bracelets with my best friend Harleigh. I have been doing this since November 2023. We were not doing so well at the start but now we have been doing better and got two orders. If you are interested in buying off my site on Depop you can search up “edensjewellery” and you will find it!

Nina used to make scrunchies during lockdown, and she says “I have always loved doing art and sewing. I don’t have a business like Eden but wish I could sell, but sadly I don’t have the time to do it.”

To make her scrunchies, Nina uses fabric, a sewing machine or needle and thread, iron, pins and elastic.

By Eden and Nina

Should mobile phones be banned in schools?

The government wants to ban phones from school just like in China, France, Italy and Portugal.

They say that UN data shows mobile phones are used by many secondary school pupils during the day.

At JCSC we are allowed to bring mobile phones in, but we are not allowed to use them. Unless you have special permission, like sometimes the teacher lets us take photos for homework.

Issy: People still secretly use them
Eden: I don’t think it’s that bad using them in school if they’re used to text a carer or parent.

We discussed why we shouldn’t have phones in school
Issy: If people are going on Tik Tok and Snapchat they can get hyped up.
Eden: People get distracted

Then we thought about why we should have phones in school
Issy: So you can call if it’s an emergency

What we think about mobile phones
Issy: I was 5 when I got my first phone but I could only play games, it wasn’t a proper phone. I like phones because they are entertaining and I can text my friends, or my Grandma to tell her if I’m going to be late.

Eden: I was 9 when I got my first phone so I could text my Mam when I was playing out, or Facetime my Mam when I was at my Grandma’s. I feel safe when I have my phone.

By Eden and Issy

Are the school renovations on schedule?

The middle school should be ready for the new academic year in September. Work is ongoing, but we asked the head of Barndale House School (Mark Phillips) about what the plan was if the Middle School was not renovated on time.

He told us “Both myself and Mrs. Jackson (Amble First) are really excited and encouraged with the progress Robertson Developments are making on our new site. They have very tight deadlines and there is a team overseeing the work to ensure the schedule is tightly followed.”

He also said that they are prepared for the renovations to not be on schedule but he did not disclose what plans they had. This is promising for development on the school.
By Noah

What a hero! Thank you Owen’s Mum

A couple of days ago, I was out with my friends (Owen and Seth) watching the waves by the Little Shore (they were massive). Stupidly, I decided to run round a corner and the biggest wave I have ever seen came straight at me. I was drenched from head to toe! We messed around for a little while longer and I was so wet I was drippping. Then we walked over to Owen’s house. His Mum gave us all towels and told Owen to give us all dry socks and joggers. I told her I was late for Artograffi, and like a superhero, she ran upstairs looking for dry shoes for both me and Seth. This is probably one of the nicest things someone has done for me in a while. Thank you so much Owen’s Mum!!!
By Noah


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