Young People’s Activities

  • Artograffi #124

    1st October 2020

    THE STONE SNAKE Everyone must know about the stone snake trail at the Little Shore. Well…

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  • Artograffi: #123

    21st August 2020

    NO HUGS FOR GRANDAD As our new normal life begins, our quarantine life comes to an…

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  • Spotlight on: Carol Gray Dance School (CG Dance)

    18th April 2019

    Shining the spotlight on Carol Gray Dance School: When and where do you meet?We meet every…

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  • Global preservation or damaged education?

    15th April 2019

    On the 15th of March, over a million school students in 125 countries went on strike,…

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  • Sign up for Brambles’ Easter fun

    18th March 2019

    The Easter holidays are going to be soooo much fun, we can’t wait to see everyone…

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  • Heartspur: a tour-de-force performance from NTC

    4th October 2018

    I went to see the second performance of Heartspur on 2 October 2018 at the Dovecote…

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  • Celebrating our outstanding young citizens

    21st August 2018

    These three outstanding young citizens have been praised by schools, local police and the community. Kelsie…

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  • Young people’s activities in Amble

    22nd March 2018

    Monday After School Club homework help & activities,  8-12yrs  3.30-5.30pm Amble Youth Project, Dilston Terr: 01665…

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  • Litterbugs are bugged by litter

    22nd February 2018

    LitterBugs is a newly formed litter picking group set up by local parents and children but…

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  • Coding Club is helping Amble’s children gain digital skills

    Coding Club is helping Amble’s children gain digital skills

    17th February 2017

    An out of school club aimed at introducing young people to computer programming, is proving popular…

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