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Do you believe in faith schools?

Ok what is a faith school? Well, some of them are like a community school that teaches the normal lessons, but religion is very important and can affect the way that some of the lessons are taught.

In faith schools the religion may influence the things they teach in other lessons. According to data from Humanists UK, around one third of all of the state funded schools are faith schools.

An example of a local faith school is St. Paul’s in Alnwick, who made us pray to God every day before lunch, and at assembly. That’s two times too many in my opinion!

Some people might think being taught with a religious viewpoint would help bring the child up to know what’s right and wrong.

And if we separate people from an early age based on their religion, is this a good thing?

I’ve considered some reasons for and against faith schools:
Some things in favour of faith schools:
• If you like being religious and want to be as close to your god(s) as possible, I guess going to a faith school will reinforce a particular attitude to life.

• If parents want their child to love only their religion, they could send them there.

• Children at a faith school can find friends that follow the same religion as them.

Things AGAINST faith schools:
• Children might be sent there only because the school has good results, even if the child isn’t religious.

• Children are made to join a religion without being given free will to choose

• Some things might affect the way some things are taught, like I mentioned before. For example, evolution. Some extremely religious schools don’t teach kids about it, and would rather talk about creationism, even though there’s lots of proof about evolution, and the only proof of Adam and Eve is in the Bible.

• They might not teach you about other religions so you would not grow up to feel that people with other religious beliefs are part of your society.

• Teachers following a different religion than the one the school is based on are less likely to get a job there

Something to consider:
• If you are only being nice because of the consequences (for example, otherwise you think you will go to hell), then it isn’t really being nice, is it?

By Grace

Stay safe this summer

Every influencer I’ve seen tends to bang on about using sunscreen in their morning routine, but even the NHS is promoting daily use of sun cream. Even on cloudy days it is possible to burn, and this burning increases chances of premature wrinkling at best, and melanoma (a type of skin cancer) at worst.

The most common reason for not wearing sunscreen that I’ve heard is that people want to get tanned. But you can still get a tan when you wear sunscreen! It protects your skin from the worst UV rays, but some still inevitably get through and give you a tan. If you need to live up to society’s messed up beauty expectations that badly then please just get a spray tan, it’s really not worth risking your health.

So this summer make sure you (and your friends!) are applying and reapplying sunscreen so you can stay safe whilst having fun in the sun. Read more safety guidelines in the NHS website.
By Ava

Splash about for your mental health

With the weather slowly warming, it’s been increasingly tempting to get out into nature, specifically for me into cold water. Wild swimming in lakes, rivers and the sea has a multitude of proven health benefits, but it really doesn’t take an expert to see that. After just one dip in the North Sea I always feel relaxed and refreshed, albeit a bit chilly.

Swimming in general has great health benefits as a worthy form of exercise, but cold water is where it gets exciting. Physically, cold-water swimming improves metabolism, immune response, blood flow, sleep and recovery, and it’s good for your skin. However, I find the mental benefits the most fascinating – it improves your stress response, confidence, dopamine response, sleep and energy levels. Wild swimming is widely regarded as a form of eco-therapy, meaning it reconnects you with nature and has many healing benefits.

There are of course many risks that come with wild swimming, for example cold water immersion shock can be potentially fatal as it may cause hyperventilation, but as long as you immerse yourself slowly and keep your breathing regulated you should be okay. It’s best to keep someone with you for safety, and even better to do it with a group of friends just for fun. You really shouldn’t stay in cold water for more than 20 minutes, and always keep a warm drink nearby for when you get out!

I’ve never been a strong swimmer, but just splashing around where my feet can touch the floor is something I would 100% recommend. During GCSEs last year I went swimming in the river at Warkworth as a way to de-stress, and I also adore going into the waves in the sea when the sun is just setting.
By Ava

He’s not my king

With the coronation prominent in everybody’s minds, now is the perfect time to step up and question what it means to be British. We value principles of democracy, freedom, equality, but these are not being represented in the one thing that represents us: the monarchy. This is what anti-monarchy pressure group Republic say.

The Republic group have been around since 1983, and have gained media attention this year as they adopted the slogan ‘Not My King’. Protestors have reportedly chanted this in the presence of King Charles, sparkling both support and disagreement. The group argues for a democratic, elected head of state as opposed to the non-elected hierarchal system we currently have. Because they aren’t elected, Republic argues ‘there’s nothing to stop them abusing their privilege, misusing their influence or simply wasting our money’.

The coronation is an especially sore point for the group, as it is coming from taxpayers money. King Charles’ wealth is estimated at well over £1 billion, yet because of the traditional history of the coronation ceremony the £100 million is coming from the taxpayer’s pocket. This cost is double that of Queen Elizabeth’s coronation, and has come at a time of economic difficulty for at least one in three adults (according to the Office for National Statistics).

Republic have many other important principles, much too long and complicated to fit into one article; I would recommend looking them up and finding out more about their policies and ideals. I can’t say I personally agree with everything they say, but I definitely find it interesting to see the intersection of my beliefs and theirs.

By Ava

TYPO IN PRINT VERSION: Sorry, there was a mistake in the print version of this article – we stated the coronation cost £100billion instead of £100million. We have corrected it here.

Don’t forget the puffin festival!

At the end of May it’s Amble’s Festival of Puffins YAY! There will be crafts, food and workshops as well as live entertainment.
This year’s puffin festival will be better than ever – with special guests like the Bare Toed aerial artists, world music from The Baghdaddies, Salida and the Carribean Crew steel band. Plus of course meeting Tommy Noddy the giant puffin! It will be a weekend to remember. Come along from the 26 to 28 of May and see what it’s all about! See .

By Katie

A French revolution?

In France, people have been protesting about the French president, Emmanuel Macron, pushing a bill to raise the retirement age from 62 to 64. There have been approximately 1.5 million protesters, however there have been over 400 protesters injured. Things like rocks, bottles and even fireworks were used as missiles. Police arrested over 50 people and used tear gas to try to clear the streets. Approximately 10 officers were injured.

The protests have been going since January 19 with no sign of things stopping. Just recently people threw electric meters outside of Marseilles city hall. Protesters have also been banging pots and pans to bring away attention from the president’s speech.

In our country teachers, nurses and doctors are also protesting by striking, because the government isn’t listening to what they would like. However, the government is passing a bill to restrict some strikes.
By Hannah

Join the Amble Youth Project today!

Interesting projects for young people. Please call or email for more information or to book a place.

• Are you interested in organising an event to raise awareness around LGBTQ+ We have an 8-week project starting Monday 15 May 6.30pm-8.30pm. (ages 13+)
• For females aged 12+: Young Women’s Project on Thursdays, starting May 18, 6.30-8.30pm. Term time only.
Amble Youth Project will open its doors to the public for the Puffin festival on Saturday May 27, 11-3pm. Crafts and a chance to see our amazing project. We will also be holding a stall in the square on the 27 and 28 May.
• Are you 11+ and want to become a Youth Champion? Have your say on matters that are important to you. Volunteer your time and gain awards through Vinspired or Childrens University.
• Hi-Tech Tea – 1 June – Do you want young people to help with your technical issues, on your Ipad/tablet, phone or laptop? Please join us 4.30-7pm. Yummy cake too!
• Are you in Year 10-12? Would you like to be a Young Leader, earn some cash, learn and work through the summer holidays? Training on Mondays, starting 31 Jul
• Free summer activities Juniors – August 1-24 (4 weeks): Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Seniors -July 28- August 25: Fridays

Call Tina 07488984053 or email


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