• Artograffi #137

    5th December 2022

      Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all the Artograffi team We hope everyone…

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  • Artograffi #136

    26th September 2022

    A very serious interview with a future celebrity author As we say goodbye to Lily Tibbitts…

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  • Artograffi #135

    22nd August 2022

    Top 5 reasons why YOU should join Artograffi! We are looking for new people to help…

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  • Artograffi #134

    23rd May 2022

    ‘All my memories were in one bag’ Since 2011, when the war in Syria began, millions…

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  • Artograffi #133

    21st March 2022

    Happy Penguin Day!!! Aren’t penguins amazing? (The answer is yes) They are so amazing that they…

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  • Artograffi #130

    27th September 2021

    Frankie wins a family holiday Frankie Simpson, aged 11 has won a family holiday at a…

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  • Artograffi #128

    2nd June 2021

    Can we go back to the way things were? With lockdown restrictions beginning to be lifted…

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  • Artograffi #127

    31st March 2021

    What it’s like getting a Covid test On Monday 8 March at 9 am I went…

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  • Why we need to balance economics and nature

    31st March 2021

    On 2 February, a global review was published by Professor Partha Dasgupta, which looked at the…

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  • Artograffi #126

    11th February 2021

    2021 predictions 2020 was pretty bad but there’s one thing for certain: 2021 is going to…

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