Artograffi #136

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A very serious interview with a future celebrity author

As we say goodbye to Lily Tibbitts as she moves away to University, we asked Ava to sum up her sibling, by interviewing the future star

Ava: Hi there Lily, it’s an honour.
Lily: Glad to be here.
A: Let’s jump right in shall we? So firstly can you introduce yourself for those who have been living under a rock?
L: Well, my name is Lily Tibbitts, Future Amble Celebrity. My creative aspirations lie within the arts, specifically that of the writing creatively variety. I also bake a mean fudge.
A: Wow, I’m inspired already. How did you discover writing creatively? Is it in your blood? Can we all reach your mind-blowing level of genius?
L: Unfortunately not! My unbridled talent stems from being dipped in the forges of creativity as a baby. I wrote my first book, titled ‘The Man in the Bathtub’, at age 4 accompanied with outstanding illustrations. It has not yet received the Pulitzer prize but I will continue to enter it each year.
A: So you illustrate too?! Your mind is truly wonderful. Now, are you able to pinpoint the most significant moment in your rise to fame?
L: There are just so many, it’s hard to count. Winning the National Rotary Young Writers competition catapulted me into fame and I would just like to thank all the little people who helped me along the way. It may be hard to imagine, but I was once as small and insignificant as you!
A: I am truly insignificant compared to your magnificent presence! What is the best thing about being so famous around the town?
L: Well, I wouldn’t like to call myself a celebrity, but celeb is fine.
A: I never said celebrity.
L: We were all thinking it darling. My favourite thing about being famous is interacting with all my fans. Shoutout to JCSC’s English department, who always asked for my autograph on the top of every test paper!
A: And do you have anyone else you would like to thank?

L: A big thanks to Anna at the Ambler, my number one fan. I will be rewarding her with a 20% discount on any of my books purchased.
A: Anyone else? Any family, perhaps?
L: My parents, who always felt like family to me.
A: Any siblings?
L: None worth mentioning.
A: There you have it folks, Amble’s Future Celebrity Author. Thank you for your time Lily.
L: It’s your honour.

By Lily and Ava Tibbitts (mostly Ava)

And in return…

An interview with one of our greatest citizens

Lily: Today we will be interviewing one of the greatest citizens in Amble- I’m not even joking, they won the good citizens award some time ago (but not long enough ago that they don’t still bring it up). They are a master at sewing, writing, styling great outfits and annoying random men with the contents of their Artograffi articles. It’s an honour and a privilege, Ava. Thanks for coming.
Ava: Can’t stay long. Make it quick.
L: I’m so sorry to have to drag you from your busy schedule. It must be so hard to find time for anything else between all your rescue missions to save orphanages and lunch dates with other celebrities. First, could you just tell us how you got your general aura of awesomeness?
A: It stems from an abundance of praise as a child, that’s what grew my arrogance. Oh sorry, did you say awesomeness? That’s el naturalle baby.
L: It really is a blessing. Some might say you are too arrogant and awesome but I say it’s the perfect amount. Your intelligence is also rumoured to be amazing, as results day demonstrated.
A: Ah yes, the 10 grade I unlocked by outsmarting the exam. One in a million, they say, but I’m one in 7.753 billion. And I certainly dress like it! Did you see my pink leg warmers- tutu combination on the cover of vogue?
L: I did and it was inspirational. I now only wear leg warmers and tutus to be more like you. Can you tell us what inspires your fashion?
A: I’d say my style is an eclectic combination of Ru Paul’s Drag Race and weird-lady-on-the-street. Personal style is not something you can buy, but being able to afford Gucci (like me) really does help.
L: What’s one piece of style advice you could give?
A: If you can afford it it’s cheap. Also, if you see my sister in it, it’s probably out of fashion.
L: Wise words. Thank you so much for gracing us with your presence today Ava. Is there anything you want to say?
A: Live laugh love, my friend, live laugh and love .
L: Anyone to thank?
A: Only my fans, for forever stroking my ego.
By Lily and Ava Tibbitts (mostly Lily)

New friendships after visiting the Friendliest Port

My name is Tiffiny and I’m 17 years old. I live in London and am studying for my A levels. I have just returned home after spending a fortnight in Amble with friends who live there and I wanted to write about my overall experience as I so enjoy visiting in the school holidays.

My brother, David (13) and I met some really interesting people including the recently arrived Syrian family, Amira and Ahmad who are about the same age. We have built a strong friendship having volunteered during the holidays as young leaders with the ‘Amble Youth Project’. We helped 8-12 year old children in a wide range of activities including visits to Cragside and Northumberland Zoo, Druridge Bay Country Park and Dry Water Arts.
Along with other lovely young leaders we were assigned groups of children to look after while participating in activities and trips. It was our responsibility to make sure the children were supervised and also to set an example as to how they should behave correctly while also having fun. I think that Tina, Joe and Gary are doing a great job supporting the youth of Amble as well as recruiting teenagers to help out, take responsibility and work as part of a team.

My brother David and I were also lucky enough to participate in a 10 mile bike ride from Amble to Lynemouth hosted by the Northumberland charity Leading Link which also works with young people.

One evening we went on a ‘cruise’ from Seahouses around the Farne Islands and watched the sun set behind Bamburgh Castle. The memories that we have created during our times in Amble are things that we will never forget.

By Tiffiny Loum

At Artograffi, we were recently introduced to Remy Grillet-Aubert who is from France! He came to Amble alone to practice and improve his English as well as ‘discover new countries, cultures, food and traditions, and to meet new people’.
Remy said that being in Amble has been challenging because he makes many mistakes in his English, but the challenge is good as it is necessary to succeed.

Remy is 18 and comes from Chatel in the French Alps, where he lives on a ski resort and helps out with his family’s restaurant there. The area is famous for its Abondance cheese.

He found Amble very different from the mountains he lives in near the French/ Swiss border. He said he really liked being near the sea and hoped to do some surfing while he was here.

Remy hopes to study engineering at university, and we hope he found his trip to Amble helpful in learning our language.

By Ava

Grace’s braces!

I FINALLY got braces! So, if you want to know what getting braces is like, I’ll tell you.

First, from my experience, there’s nothing to be scared about.
So at first, you’ll go to the orthodontists, and you’ll go in and and you’ll lie on the seat thing. Like it or not, I can’t really remember the rest, but trust me, it does not hurt. At all.

I do remember they asked me to bite down on this thing. I think it blew air into my mouth so it was dry, making it easier to stick the braces on. It only starts hurting a while after, but if it gets too bad, you should just have an ibuprofen, like I did.

By Grace

Do you really care? A bit of a rant from Grace

I am not the best at wording things, but I’ll try to put this as simply as I can – I think some people are just blind. Not as in ‘I can’t see’ blind, but ignorant blind. What I mean is, as long as most people don’t see bad things happening in their lives, like forest fires as an example, they won’t really care, because they aren’t in danger. People see something negative on the news, like the extreme heatwaves in China or the flooding in Pakistan, and just ignore it. This doesn’t apply to all people, but it does to most. So, there’s a chance this isn’t aimed at you, so don’t be offended.

The floods in Pakistan and heatwaves in China are, if you couldn’t tell, all because of the effects of climate change. And just because it is happening in a different country doesn’t mean it isn’t happening at all.

Floods in Pakistan
In monsoon season, which usually takes place between the months April and September, the Indian Ocean brings moist air towards countries like India and Bangladesh. It brings in a lot of rainfall and a humid climate. But, thanks to climate change, which is undeniably not a joke, Pakistan (And multiple other countries too) has had too much rain, and is becoming seriously flooded. When I say seriously flooded, I mean, around 1/3rd of the country is flooded.

Chinese heatwave
Global warming too causes the heatwave in China. If you’re thinking ‘Oh it can’t be THAT bad’ One of China’s most important rivers has dried up almost completely. I haven’t heard much about this, so I just thought I should say something. Not that many people care – some do, but not that many – because, as previously mentioned, it isn’t them in that situation. But if we don’t do anything to stop climate change, soon you yourself could possibly be seeing the devastating effects of it first-hand. This is my rant done thanks for reading.

By Grace

Facts about our new PM

Good or bad – you decide!!

– She is the third woman prime minister in England after Margaret Thatcher in 1979 and Theresa May in 2016.
– She likes cats
– She disagrees with Vladimir Putin’s attack on Ukraine.
– She wants to cut taxes (If Liz succeeds in dealing with the cost of living and energy / fuel crisis, then that will go a long way into helping her stay in the job as Prime Minister, however if she doesn’t then staying prime minister will most likely become difficult for her.)
– She loves maths
– At first she was against Brexit until the majority of people voted for Brexit.
– She said that trans women aren’t women
– She usually voted in favour of gay rights
– She voted to cull badgers
– She once believed the UK shouldn’t have a royal family
– She was not in favour of banning smoking
– She voted in favour of selling state own forests
– She often voted against climate change measures

By Hannah


Some of our thoughts on the Royal Family

“I’m not a monarchist, but I think the funeral should be paid for by the Royal family themselves. I have nothing against them personally, but because the country is going through a cost of living crisis I think we should use tax payer money to help the NHS instead.”

“Rest in Peace to the Queen. And good for Charles that he is King.”

“It always annoys me that people talk about the Royal Family like they know them. Maybe they are really lovely charitable people, but it’s their job, so we’ll never know what they’re really like.”

“It’s sad she was only four years off being 100.”

“The Royal Family is good for tourism.”


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