Crowds welcome HRH the Prince of Wales

Posted on 23rd July 2012 | in Amble Town Council , Community , Heritage & Tourism , News , Young People’s Activities

(Slideshow) Thousands of people turned out to welcome HRH the Prince of Wales as he met local volunteers, young people and community groups.  Crowds waved and cheered as Prince Charles, accompanied by The Duchess of Northumberland, walked along Queen Street and through the Town Square. The sun also made a welcome appearance as the Prince chatted to people in the crowd.

“It was really good meeting Prince Charles,” said Gracie Mathews aged 10, who volunteers with Artograffi, the young people’s section of The Ambler. “He asked us what we did on the paper.”

The Prince met representatives of local groups and was presented with gifts including jam, a walking stick, a handmade box and locally caught lobsters. Before leaving, he couldn’t resist trying a Spurreli icecream.

Nick Spurr, owner of Spurreli boutique icecream  said, ” I offered His Royal Highness the opportunity to try some of our artisan icecream. I explained that our icecream is  sourced from sustainable and local ingredients. I suggested he try the Alnwick rum and raisin, which he did. He did appear to like it!”

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