Amble GPX: the Friendliest Port moves into the 21st century

Posted on 16th September 2010 | in Community , Heritage & Tourism

 Ever wondered about the history of our friendly port? Well now you can learn about it in a new and interesting way thanks to the efforts of Amble GPX.

A group of Amble-based students have been developing a real-world game based in and around Amble, bringing sleepy-old Amble into the modern, technology based world.

Amble GPX group interviewing Paul Morrison The game uses GPS technology but also requires player interaction in the real world.The project is designed to present tourists and local people with interesting facts, memories and experiences of Amble, by members of the local community, each with their own unique history and views of the town.The team have been filming interviews with various individuals in order to record their thoughts about life in Amble.        
Interviewing Dr Paul Morrison
Amble GPX group in Queen St The game itself takes the format of a treasure-hunt style game, in which players will follow a trail designed by the GPX team. Players will be given clues to a location in the town via video clips. Some clues take the form of riddles that must be solved so that the location of a further clue can be obtained.Players will have to find a specific item or feature and then type in the answer or upload a photo onto the site. By doing this they will unlock the next riddle and the cycle repeats.

A pilot version of the game is due to be released in mid August, with the full version launched in the summer of 2011.

With GPX trail expert Jon Monks

For more info visit the GPX Facebook group:

Matthew Stanton

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