Amble lifeboats in action again

Posted on 20th September 2010 | in Community , News


Both Amble RNLI lifeboats have been called out in recent days to assist grounded vessels     

Amble's All Weather lifeboat The Four Boys

 Amble RNLI Lifeboats launched to assist fishing boat aground on rocks to the South of Amble Harbour 

  At 22.30hrs (10.30pm) on 20th September the Humber coastguard received a call for assistance from the fishing boat Genesis with three persons on board. 

The Humber Coastguard requested the immediate launch of both Amble Lifeboats to go to the assistance of the Genesis which had run aground on rocks as it approached Amble Harbour from the South. The two lifeboats were immediately launched by the volunteer crew and arrived on scene with in 10 mins of receiving the call from Humbe

The Inshore lifeboat ( ILB ) The Mildred Holcroft was able to place a tow rope on the Genesis  which was now in very shallow water, the tow rope was then passed to the Allweather Lifeboat ( ALB  ) The Four Boys  which proceeded to successfully pull the Genesis off the rocks.  The Genesis was then assessed for any damage and water ingress which proved to be little. The ALB towed the Genesis into Amble Harbour  and remained in attendance with it till there was sufficient water in the Boat Yard dock for it to be lifted out of the water by hoist manned by staff of the boat yard.    

 The coxswain of the ALB  John Connell said “The fact that the Amble Allweather lifeboat is kept permanently afloat in its own dock  at Amble Harbour means that they are able to be away to any call in a very short time , and last night  it was good to see the training of both boats  volunteer crews come together on what was a dark and difficult evening”.     


Amble's D class lifeboat Mildred Holcroft

 Amble RNLI Lifeboats launched to assist yacht aground on sandbank on north side of Amble Harbour.  
Saturday 18th September  at 15.00hrs,  the Humber Coastguard were informed by members of the public that there was a yacht aground on the north side of Amble Harbour and the two persons on board appeared to be waving for assistance.    Humber Coastguard requested the immediate launch of the Amble Inshore Lifeboat, ILB  The Mildred Holcroft  which on arriving at the scene found the 21ft yacht Destiny  hard fast on the sandbank on the north side of the harbour.   

 Because of the ebbing tide the ILB was unable to tow the yacht off the bank, so as a precaution the ILB took the two persons off the yacht and made it secure so it could ride out the falling tide.   

 Later that day at 10.30pm the ILB returned to the yacht and with the crew where they were able to secure a tow and  take the yacht safely into Amble Marina.   Paul Steward the helmsman of the ILB said that because it would have been at least  8 hours before there would be any chance of the Yacht being able to be  re floated it was considered necessary to remove the crew.   

 Conditions: Wind: NNW 7-8  Visibility: Good      




































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