Snakes and wine tasting

Posted on 20th October 2010 | in Community

November 21st sees the Torchlight procession lighting up our lives again – some shops will be open, so go in and support them! (The Flower Centre’s wine and chocolate tasting sounds very tempting!)

Now here’s the part where we look a bit like a snake eating its own tail. The print version of  Issue 65 of The Ambler carries a piece extolling the virtues of our new website and encouraging people to explore all the new sections. But you, dear reader, are – obviously- already here, so the following may seem unneccessary. But just so you feel you can share in the full offline experience, read on..

Now you no longer have to wait for two months to contribute to or read The Ambler.  Log on to our updated website at Let us know what you think of our new site, as your views are important! And we are wondering if we have the oldest blogger in England – Ray King at 86 years old? 

The website will be updated on a much more regular basis than in the past, and you can leave comments, check the weather forecast and follow our twitter feed.

The website is divided into sections now; so for example under Entertainment, you can find Artograffi and Creative Writing. As you read through this paper, you will see many references to the website where you can read more, because we have simply run out of room in here!

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