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Posted on 21st October 2010 | in Community

Middle of the night feeds, milk being ‘redelivered’ on my lap, trying to figure out why she waits until I have changed her nappy before she cheekily needs another one (I will leave that one for you to figure out!) and pushing a huge pink Silver Cross pram around…yes I am officially a father now! Bonnie was born on the 18th August and I’m proud as punch! She has settled in fine and is proving to be a hit with her brothers and sister and her Mam just adores her!

In our first aid training sessions that we run, we always include a segment on baby first aid/ CPR. In my view, it should be a legal requirement that all parents should be made to learn baby first aid. It can be the most frightening thing to see a baby choke and not know what to do.

It would only take an hour for basic first aid to be taught and from this, I’m sure you will agree, the amount of scares or hospital runs could be reduced greatly. It’s the first thing parents say when they have a scare ”If only I knew what to do in the first place…”

To try and combat this, we are offering 12 places, for free, on a first aid course that is specifically aimed at baby and infant level. Just pop in to our new office at the Development trust and put your name down if you would like to take part in the course. It’s no pass or fail, just a chilled out introduction on the basics of what to do. I might even make you a coffee, although honestly I probably won’t!

We now have Mike Jones working with us. Mike does all the design and print side of things so if you need anything designed or printed, just drop him an email We have had requests ranging from sport supplement labels to sparkly diamante wedding invitations to using our bi-plane to design an advert in the sky. Ok, the last one was totally made up but hey, give me some goggles, a leather hat and a scarf like Biggles and I would give it a bash, I’d be like Goose out of Top Gun!

For those of you who like a puzzle…
You are enclosed in a steel box. You have no way out, all the walls, roof and floor are solid. In the box on the table in front of you, you have the following items to help you escape. A rope, a dog, a pair of coat hangers, two halfs of lager, a kazoo and an empty shoe box with 57 pence in.  How do you get out?
Till next Time Amigos!


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