An alternative to births, deaths & marriages

Posted on 22nd October 2010 | in Community

Sometimes it’s difficult to know how best to celebrate or commemorate these significant events. Some of us believe in God, and may take great comfort in the traditional rituals.
Some may not believe in God but have a sense of that which is  spiritual. Some of us are not at all sure what we believe but still want our rituals to be meaningful.

There are also some services which are perhaps less usual, yet can play a very important role in our lives. For example in a friendly divorce, the couple (and children) may want to mark the parting with a ceremony where they may symbolically let go of the past.  Similarly when someone is terminally ill, at a living farewell, friends and family meet the dying person, say what they would like to say and do whatever seems important.

So what are the options?
A priest or vicar will perform the service according to their particular church. Some are more flexible than others, it is worth asking. A humanist celebrant will conduct customised services but will not include any religious references, readings or music.

A civil celebrant like the humanist, will conduct bespoke services but will not include religious material or rituals.An independent celebrant will lead a service which has been designed with you and can include religious material.

As an independent celebrant I help to inspire, structure and personalise your particular service – and then conduct it for you.
Please contact me direct if you would like to know more. (For funerals I will of course liaise with the funeral director or you can ask them to contact me on your behalf.)

Pamela Emery: tel 01668219771 Email

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