Reports from our County Councillors: Oct/Nov

Posted on 22nd October 2010 | in Heritage & Tourism , Northumberland County Council

Robert Arckless:

I wanted to say a few words of thanks. Many of you know I underwent a hip replacement operation in August and the process has been a good deal more complex than normal because I have cerebral palsy. I spent a month in hospital; the surgical team at Wansbeck did a brilliant job and I am very grateful to them and all the staff who cared for me there. Most of my time as a patient was in Alnwick Infirmary.  It is an amazing place.  The building may not look much but the staff team are wonderful. Dr. Cox, the consultant, is a very special person and his caring attitude influences everything that goes on. The physiotherapy team did a marvellous job getting me mobile again – and that was a challenge for me and for them! 

I felt cared for and supported throughout my stay there. The staff at the Infirmary does a difficult job and all too often what they do goes unrecognised. The planning that went in to getting me home again was impressive. The Amble Health Centre has been a great support and we are so lucky to have such skilled and caring team looking after us. The help I have had from the START team and Age Concern is developing my independence.

I would like to thank everyone who has sent cards or taken the trouble to visit me in hospital, and I feel thoroughly spoiled by the gifts and practical help I have had since I came home.
I am grateful to my Town Council colleagues and to Cllr. Jeff Watson who have coped with issues I haven’t been able to take on. I am planning to gradually return to my duties over the next few weeks. The understanding and patience of local residents has been a great encouragement to me.

This has been the longest sabbatical I have had in years and I am looking forward to getting back into a routine again – not too much longer now I hope.
Robert Arckless 01665 711938


Jeff Watson:

The recent consultation on the control of dogs undertaken by a N.C.C. working party has concluded that although there are some irresponsible dog owners, the banning of dogs from our beaches would be a step too far. Many people have written, emailed, petitioned and phoned expressing the view that the ability to exercise dogs on the beach is very important to them and to our visitors. I have supported the view that dogs should be allowed on beaches but I also strongly believe that owners should act responsibly and clean up after them. The working party is recommending more bins and more effort to pursue those individuals who act irresponsibly and a ban on two beaches in the winter (Blyth and Newbiggin.).

Many of us are shocked by the closure of Northumbrian Foods and are worried by the possible effects on the town. Work is going on as I write this report to try and salvage the company and the jobs of local residents,. I am doing all I can to help the situation and to restore this source of valuable employment for the area.

I attended and participated in a working group, consulting with the highways department to prepare a new long term transport plan for Northumberland for the next fifteen years. This plan will be reviewed on a five year cycle but is very important for the future of road and rail connections for our area. I put forward the views of myself and Councillor Arckless (who is still recovering from surgery) and have pointed out the absolute necessity for the continuation of good access to public transport for the future growth and prosperity of Amble.
The plans for the lay-bys on Rotary Way have now been approved and work will begin this winter and be completed in time for next spring.

As mentioned above, Councillor Robert Arckless has undergone surgery and has had a difficult time in his convalescence. I would like on behalf of all readers of the Ambler to wish him a speedy and full recovery. Robert is expecting to return to work at the end of October.

As ever I am available to you on 0755414933 and by email at

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