Bruce’s Business: right peachy

Posted on 11th April 2011 | in Blogs

Bruce Durham shares his thoughts on life and work as a thirty year old local entrepreneur.

Well blow me if my handle bar ‘tashe isn’t twitching at the thought of the summer arriving! It always gives you a little lift when there is a bit more light than dark in the sky doesn’t it! As you may know, the company is going from strength to strength.

In the last part of 2010 we were awarded the training company of the year award, and we have just landed the contract to deliver all of Northumberland County Councils first aid training for the next three years, which is a great start to this year! This is all in addition to our national client list growing, so it’s looking dam right  peachy at the moment, fingers crossed it keeps going like that.

Looking back on my stint on Dragons Den all those years ago, especially after this latest recession, it is pleasing to have a business that has survived these tough economical conditions. Even though on the ‘Den’ I was talking that loud they thought I was shouting at them, and one of them saying I needed a psychologist (which, let’s be fair, aint far from the truth!) It’s good to still be here in 2011.

So, how about those new year resolutions we talked about last time? You still at the gym? Of course not! You putting weight on? Of course you are! Well I have the answer. I have joined forces with a well known builder who I can’t name for advertising purposes (but it sounds like Kelly Construction) to offer……..drum roll……ta daaah Circuit Training classes at Amble’s Boys(and girls!) Club.

These classes are going to be running on a Tuesday and Thursday from 6-7 at night. And they are for lads and lasses. The beauty of circuit classes is that you go at your pace, you go as fast or as slow as you want, and it’s so simple to do. The minimum age is 18 for legal purposes and upper age limit is whatever age you are.

Come along and try it, it’s one of the best ways to lose weight, and increase your motivation as everyone is there to do the same thing, providing a good support network to help you achieve your goal. Again, it is for males and females. You must have a basic level of fitness, but more importantly, a willingness to succeed. A doctor’s check up should be done if you have any existing ailments.

Due to the demand, it’s always on a first come first served basis, and we will look to increase the dates we offer if the demand means we have to. Cost is £2 per session (and please bring £2 in change as we don’t have a float!) and all money goes straight into the Boys Club kitty for essential costs and improvements. Train like Wolverine and give me a ‘shamon’ Michael! Till next time!

Did you know there is now a legal requirement that all employees (full and part time) receive basic fire awareness training? Fashion chain New Look were fined £400,000 when a fire occurred and it was found that none of the staff had received any fire awareness training.

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