Poem: A midnight Shout

Posted on 11th April 2011 | in Community

As I settle down all snug in my bed,
I close my eyes to rest my head,
Slowly I drift into a land of dreams,
A peaceful night’s sleep, or so it seems.

As I dream of sugar and spice,
My little grey box comes to life,
I open my eyes to the sound of the beep,
Quickly I rise and jump to my feet.

I hop on my bike and pedal like hell,
And wonder what’s happened in the midnight swell,
I get to the station with a lump in my throat,
But I quickly get changed and jump on the boat.

We look for a man, who fell from the pier,
With our rapid response he has nothing to fear,
Thankfully we spot him around by the bay,
This man gets to live for another day.

Back at the station I take off my kit,
I think to myself ‘its a good job I’m fit,
I pedal back home and climb into bed,
I settle back down…but will I rest my head???

Rachael Gray (a volunteer member of Amble Lifeboat)

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