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Posted on 18th May 2011 | in Community , Education , James Calvert Spence College - Acklington Rd , James Calvert Spence College - South Avenue

As students at JCSC broke up for the Easter half term, decorators were brought into the Acklington Road site to begin its transformation. Sounds exciting doesn’t it?

The new décor marks yet another change in the federation and the colour scheme is one which has been made to match. This is something that was primarily decided by students through the use of a democratic vote which was held a few weeks ago by school council members. This election was done so that students could vote on the new uniform and the new federation colour

Since JCSC became a federation last September, one of the main topics on the college’s agenda is to decide what the new uniform will be, which meant also picking the new federation colour.

The vote was not only open to students at our Acklington Road site, but it was also open to those at our Hadston Road and South Avenue sites. This experience gave all students the chance to find out what it is like to vote for something important.

The voting, took place over one break time. As with any other election, students were given the opportunity beforehand to see what the options for uniform were as well as the colours.

The styles of the uniform ranged from a very smart blazer and dress pants, to basically the same as we have now; a jumper and a polo shirt. There was also a more casual take on the uniform which was the option of having jumpers, cardigans and tank tops. The colour scheme, however, was less broad with the options of plum purple, blue, grey and black. Very exciting!

Now for the results!

The chosen colour that all the students decided on was plum purple, meaning that that is our main federation colour. However, when it came to deciding on the actual uniform it was a split vote; our Acklington Road site chose blazers, whereas, the Hadston and South Avenue sites chose jumpers and polo shirts.

Given that the decision over the school uniform was a split vote, it was taken to a small student committee on Friday 6th May, and a decision was made. Are you ready? Our students in Years 5 and 6 will wear black trousers, a white shirt, a tie and a grey V-neck sweater. Students in Years 7 to 11 will have a more formal approach; they will wear the same as years 5 and 6, but the V-neck jumper will be optional and a black blazer will be compulsory. A scarf for girls, in the same colour as the tie, will also be available.

Now this is when our Acklington Road site’s new décor comes in. Given that the students chose plum purple as their main preference the site has been transformed to reflect this. Returning to school, we students found that the foyer had been completely re-designed; the walls have been painted purple and a new grey carpet complements this. There also plans to install a huge reception desk, similar to those in our South Avenue and Hadston Road sites. One sixth former said: “it looks like a leisure centre”, whilst another said: “it looks like a completely different building”.

But, are they the only changes I hear you ask? No, they aren’t. Our sixth form study area has also begun its transformation. There is a brand new carpet downstairs and the large bookshelves which too up the majority of the room have also been removed, giving sixth formers more room to study.

These steps are just the start of the federation’s transformation, but we’re sure that they won’t be the last.

By Cheryl Carruthers

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