Nuisance neighbours

Posted on 09th June 2011 | in Community , News

A motorcycle has been seized and destroyed by local police after residents complained about people riding motorbikes around the fields between the Radcliffe Estate and Kirkwell Cottages.

Complaints were made to the police that during the daytime and evening, motorcycles could be heard speeding around the fields on which are public footpaths and where people regularly walk their dogs. Residents were angry about the level of noise made by the bikers disturbing the peace during the evenings, and also claimed that people had been nearly being knocked down whilst crossing the fields.

Amble Neighbourhood Police said:

“We have seized one motorcycle which was used in the area to cause disorder and this has now been crushed. Over the last two months we have also issued summonses (where the offender is reported by police to attend court in respect of the matter) and Section 59 (Police Reform Act) warnings (meaning if they are caught riding/driving any motor vehicle in an anti-social manner it can be seized and crushed) “.

Amble Neighbourhood Beat Manager Andy Welsh asked residents to report similar problems as soon as possible, so they could act to resolve such issues in the most satisfactory way. 

1. Timely telephone calls to police to alert them to a problem (ie as soon as the behaviour starts)

2. The naming of offenders (if known) or the provision of a description (person and vehicle)

3. A direction of travel so that officers can anticipate the movement of offenders after the call was made

4. The willingness of a witness to commit to attending court

This article has been updated since the publication of issue 69 of The Ambler

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