Bangladesh revisited

Posted on 10th June 2011 | in James Calvert Spence College - Acklington Rd , James Calvert Spence College - South Avenue

Remember the three Bangladesh visitors to Amble (JCSC) last November? The result of that get together was the formation of the Singup Group who entertained us with music and dance from both cultures.
The follow-up to this was a visit by Brian Davis (ex-teacher JCSC) to the Singup partner school in Dhaka, Bangladesh this year, for seven days. The highlight of his week was a musical evening of song and dance by 13 students (see photo).  The programme was a blend of Bangladesh and English songs and dance taught by local English students from a previous exchange programme.

New projects were discussed and accepted, the first being a visit by British students and staff to Bangladesh for a celebration of the famous writer and songwriter – Tagore, to be seen on national TV.

The second will be to develop a programme of traditional Northumbrian and Bangladesh folk music and dance which can be taught and performed in both countries.

The British Council in Bangladesh have generously given £5000 to kick start the project, but a lot of hard work and money raising will still be needed to realise its attainment.  If you could help in any way, donations or assistance please contact Brian at James Calvert Spence College, Acklington Road.

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