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Meeting Dates:
TOWN 8th Sept, 13th Oct;
CEMETERIES 15th Sept, 20th Oct;
FINANCE 1st Sept, 22nd Sept; 27th Oct;

West Cemetery
BATS IN THE BELFRY? No, but there are bats in the West Cemetery. A tree survey was carried out recently to establish a maintenance programme to spread the cost of this type of work.
It was a surprise to find there are almost 140 trees and shrubs- some many years old, others more recent donations. We will keep removal of trees to a minimum preferring to pollard in the autumn and give them a chance to recover. Although we want to encourage birds, butterflies etc., there is one tree needing attention which is being used by bats. As these are a protected species, a survey had to be done; once their presence was confirmed a licence is needed before any firm is allowed to work on the tree. Unfortunately the tree must be cut down further than the roost level so this work must be done under an ecologist’s supervision, then bat boxes will need to be erected to provide alternative homes. All this adds almost £1000 to the cost before any work is started- nature conservation is proving expensive!
The entrance gates were beginning to look a little the ‘worst for wear’ and in need of attention, so they are being repaired and restored soon and the cost of a new information  and notice board is being looked at.

War Memorial and Clock
TIME STOOD STILL- unfortunately at the recent War Memorial clock annual service, the pendulum was found to be warped and a cog in need of work- hopefully by the time you read this, the repair will be complete.
We all love to see and hear our town clock but this latest repair is almost £1500 and the memorial and tower restoration was over £24,000- so imagine the Mayor’s dismay, when working on the rose beds, to see a child using it as a football wall. Politely asking him to stop, he was criticised for doing so by an adult! Also, once again, we find someone is trying to prise the lightning conductor off the wall.
It is so sad to think that the brave men to whom this monument is dedicated died so these very people could have this freedom of movement and speech- yet they abuse their memory in this way.

New Councillor

WELCOME TO OUR NEWEST West Ward Councillor, Sam Palin, who we hope will soon be joined by two for the Central Ward as it is important to have the Council at full strength to carry out all its functions. Perhaps in a later edition one of them will write in Councillor’s corner of their experience.
As 10 electors requested an election be held, advertising the vacancies must continue until they are filled; we do not yet know the cost of holding the elections but everyone must respect an individual’s democratic right to request these be held when vacancies occur.


Baby Caleb Brian Wake was born on 10th May 2011 and was therefore the first baby to be born to an elector of the Amble Parish since the Royal Wedding. The Mayor presented baby Caleb and his mother Susan Edminson with a 2011 UK Definitive Baby Gift Pack.

Update: In follow up to the presentation of the 2011 UK Definitive Baby gift set, We have just had a call from the Royal Mint who picked up on the story. Although the Royal wedding coins are sold out, they do keep a number back for donations etc and they would like to gift one to baby Caleb. Isn’t that just lovely.


Update 7 Sept:
The Mayor, Leslie Bilboe, presenting the Official Royal Wedding Coin to baby Caleb with his Mum Susan Edminson on 6th September 2011.

This was made possible after the Royal Mint read an article that was published in the Gazette.  Evelyn Thomas from the Royal Mint commented that the coin presentation was ‘a great idea, but it was a shame that the Council were unable to obtain, for Caleb, The Official Royal Wedding Coin in order to remember such a historic occasion’.  Evelyn was lucky enough to have one of these coin sets and was delighted to send it to the Council, to pass on to Caleb, as a memento of the Royal Wedding and to celebrate his birth.

On behalf of the Royal Mint, Evelyn asked the Council to pass on best wishes to Caleb and his family.

The Mayor thanked the Royal Mint for making this possible.

Young People’s Event
THERE ARE SOME very talented young people in the Amble area and they have worked hard to organise and participate in a music event in the Town Square.
With so much in the news about the bad things done by young people, let’s support them in what we hope will become a repeated successful treat for all to enjoy.

Gardens etc
Many thanks to all the volunteers and businesses who join in with Councillor Weir to take a pride in Amble by helping Amble to bloom. How lovely to see the flower baskets and tubs adorning our town- hopefully more people will join in as the mammoth task of overhauling the Town Square beds begins.
This is the last time for annual bedding plants in the main town flowerbeds- in the autumn Northumberland County Council will plant perennials before expecting the town to maintain these in the future. Another reason more willing hands are needed!
Well done to all those hard working people whose gardens and allotments were shortlisted for the recent awards. By the time you read this, the winners will have been announced. Try to make time to take a look at them- they truly are wonderful.

Pride in Amble
Amble is beautifully positioned on the N. Northumberland coast and Coquet estuary.  I came onto The Town Council 3 years ago however I was concerned with the appearance of Amble-to tourists and locals – and would encourage more civic pride.
We now have better seating around the Little Shore, a few more litter bins, a repainted shopping street, etc.  Ongoing issues are litter, access to the sea beaches, dirty bus shelters and the Paddler’s area.
You can help on your walks around the coast etc. by taking a carrier bag/black sack for litter.  (A pleasant occupation on a sunny morning!).  Join me soon to paint the bus shelters; or join Cllr. Craig Weir in flower planting.  Another group will create a ‘display’ in front of the Harbour office with seating and flowerbeds.
Let us know how you contribute to showing Pride in Amble.
Cllr. Rev. Velda Nicholson

Robert Arckless,
37 Anne Crescent, Amble  NE65 0QZ
Tel: 01665 711938
Helen Lewis,
11 Kennedy Road, Amble NE65 0QH
Tel: 01665 710429
Craig Weir
76  Priory Park, Amble
NE65 0HY
Tel: 01665 712342

Leslie Bilboe, (CHAIR)
10 The Close, Amble
NE65 0HZ
Tel: 01665 713364
Ian Hinson, (Vice-Chair)
11 Eastgarth Avenue, Amble. NE65 0LW
Tel: 01665 710583
Sam Palin,
40 Bisley Road, Amble. NE65 0NP
Tel: 01665 714115

Rev. Velda Nicholson,
24 Glendale, Amble
NE65 0RG
Tel: 01665 713796


This article has been updated since the publication of issue 70 of The Ambler

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