Corgis didn’t approve

Posted on 12th August 2011 | in Community , Heritage & Tourism

The work done on behalf of animal charity PARRT (People’s Animal Rescue and Rehoming Team) by Hauxley’s Linda Wilkinson and two of her volunteers, mother and daughter Karen and Emma Common, was recognised when they were invited by the Duchess of Northumberland, to the Garden Party in Alnwick Garden to celebrate the work of carers and volunteers in the county.

As they were lucky enough to get a prime spot, the Duke of Edinburgh engaged them in conversation. When they told him they rescued animals, he asked ‘what sort of animals?’. When they told him mainly cats, he responded ‘Yuck!’

The royals have a fondness for animals, their love of dogs and horses is well known, but cats can’t have the same appeal!
Linda has been engaged in this work for 30 years, but the need for her services has not diminished. She is concerned about people who breed animals as a source of income, but when they cannot sell the progeny they abandon them.
She recently had to rescue five black kittens from Blyth. They all had cat ‘flu and she suspects that the owners did not want to spend money on treatment so they abandoned them in a cardboard box on the old pit heap.PARRT has had them all treated and is looking for new homes for them.

Details can be found on their website:

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